Petting Medical Science

Lately I have been thinking way back of interesting things in my mind on subjects I really used to know when I earned my degree in science and art.  These are my latest abstract black and white images and plan to show you three color possibilities when I am done with watercolor.  Enjoy and share at your will.  I also really love comments if you have free time. Tah Tah for now!  Heather Dawn.



A Day in the Life of an Artist

One must wonder what an artist does in one day.  This girl is a drawing addict and it can last for hours if I am in the “mood”.   I usually do abstract when I first wake up and sketches at the end of my day.  Relaxes me for bed time believe it or not.  I’m working on my graphic novel so I am putting in a lot of time trying to get the character worked out.  Time for my lunch and nap…hard at work again after that.  In addition to all this art, I am currently reading three art books at the same time and plan to start going to Creative 360 more often.  Love my life!

Legacy Trust Award Collection Entry

With four years selection for the state-wide competition, here is the image that I did last night named “Another Kiss to the Frog” for the Grand Rapids Museum of Arts.  This size is larger than I am used to at 18 x 24 yet I had more fun with detail work.  I kept it in the lightest pencil as my tool, 4H.  Hope you like it!



Super Fresh Abstract…Yummmm

I love the taste of my artistic addiction when I first wake up.  My brain is on ZING mode and my hands can’t catch up to the signals pouring down over my head.  Setting a new site  for my art work at Flickr where I can sell my work and share what range I cover for future opportunities.  For the right price and the right person, a super fast abstract must make your heart sing.  Feel free to keep in touch with my name and

PS  Feedback about my drawings is a blast, feel free to keep in touch and comment





Are my Roots Showing? Like Totally.

Yikes!  Took a break too long to show you my newest art projects and I promise to make up for lost time.  The newest piece in my family is this eyeball and mouth grow out.  Yeah my ideas are ummm..original and would feel awesome to hear “you know Heather, I have witnessed this piece and I will never see another one like it.”  Being unique is the best-est present to the artist and this only took me two days…I’m pretty snappy when it comes to deadlines and the such.  My first time to present it was at the Creative 360 fundraiser a few weeks ago.  The next few are my newer abstract and the last is for my sister in California…she owns a reptile store!!  How rad is that?

Thank you for checking me out.  More pictures on the way I promise.

Ohhhh, by the way, I am putting together a party called Valentine Prom and would love you to see how cool the logos turned out.  Take care and air kisses.







accept lifes dyfunctionsgolden dreamy steatskills build defferentlyreptilescute

New Abstract Technique…both hands required


Hurrah it is hump day!!   Woke up three days ago and this is what I have done in two days…the paper was much bigger and my hunger for art was huge as can be!  I must have need a change in ink mastery (too many episodes of Ink Master) and try to use my hands and shapes more.  Not on the right side of the bed at the moment…kink in my neck from sleeping on the couch *by choice and trying to read more books then ever before.  Reading four books at the moment and two are very important in my time scheduling and goal seeking.  Would love to exchange art back and forth…we can even have a draw off if you are in the mood!  Drinking  a Java Monster Vanilla Light for dinner…mmm…dinner.

ChestBubblesWhole Chestywhole Getintheboxwhole Hairpullwhole HeadsOffwhole OurZoowholeone perkywalkerswhole Pinkoidwhole zooohwholeChestbubblesclosechesteyescloseHairpullcloseHeadsOffcloseHeadsOffclosenowOurzooclosePinkoidcloseSweepcloseTrashiqueBottomTrashiqueMidTrashiqueTop

Gone Animal Lately! Humane Society Fundraiser

Sniff sniff sniff.  That is my art brain when it is having a cold or crying from no inspiration.  Then bam yesterday, I was about to take a nap and three things zipped through my attic (I have a higher room in my brain where I keep my daydreams, nightmares and desires).  So freakin’ stuck on my fine line of abstract or realism…people/audience respond to the uncomplicated imaginations that look familiar in realism, but the BEST is when someone stops, looks at me, stops and looks down and says “you did this”??   “Yes indeed sir/miss”  All by myself.  Now I am crossing another line by adding realism into my abstract images to give more clues about what I am trying to express.

The animal kingdom is soooo broad that it was difficult to think keep it simple and rely on detailed illustrations.  Kept it to my illustrations and crossing my fingers hoping they liking one of the three ideas.  My piece is going to be in the live auction so I am a little rattled because I strive for the best most of the time.

In the first one is animals going to a grand affair with human masks to hide their identity.
Think ballroom affair with assorted heads of animals.
Second, a female with a motions in her hair…this was just a first sketch so more input would make it easier
Third, a nerd pack of animals as a multi-media paste job with book pages in the back and each animal will just be black/white except for their neon reading glasses.

Here are a few rough drafts and I hope any input would be yummy.  I think I am leaning on the pretty ballroom animals illustrations.birdgirlggirlhumanefemalesmartestdog

I Do Exist…Crawling Out of My Secret Art Cave

I saw the paper piles go up and up and up…then I was going through like pens in one day of working…then I was dreaming out a new ink and paper project named “Blank”.  I have so much to show you!  Sit and smile for a bit…it will be like a unicorn under the rainbows.  Actually it is a month of fun work.  Some realism and some abstracts.  Please let me know what you think!  I’m gearing up on ebay to get some sales on my newest work.  Please contact me on bonkers Boobtube branchcloseA branchcloseB branchhead BreathingRoses crabid doingthesplits groovygirl highnudes hyperwords lovechemistry Octopid robotyellow RunningTheives Soul4times Soul4timesc;ose squals TripleBikeRidecendexderellaC couplecarrot fivechest gluedup meducassad2 youaregoingnowherehorse

I Need More Cowbell, errr, Heather

Girl gypsy


Yes!!  It is a new year…I hope you had an amazing experience in the last year.  The time has come for me to re-establish my blog goddess background and really meet some new and awesome friends.  On here, you will find silly vs. serious, duh vs. shah and good vs. evil.  In short, I am here to let my creative freedom flag blow to the internet breeze.

I value education, emotional/physical self help and snorting laughter.

Why am I here on Word Press?

I think the reason you should read my blog because you might need a smile with either my lame jokes or my illustrations may be pleasing to the eye.  I plan to include an image with a post so it allows for an art journal process to occur.

I would like to get way more feedback and constructive comments.  I prefer to blog to get my mouth into words and I journal in my own time by writing backwards so my secrets will never be revealed… my boyfriend Leonardo di Vinci taught me how to do it.  The topics I write about are really varied and I aim for the reason I am here is the following:

Express thoughts and opinions

Promote open happy hmmm, and warm fuzzies

Help people when they need me

Establish myself into the artistic world

Provide information

Stay active and knowledgeable in my scientific and artistic background

That is about all I want to start the new year off with.  Mad love for you internet pals and hope to read your blogs this year.

Here is my most recent work on my first canvas experience… her name is Glorious Gypsy.

Found Art: New topic and totally rad!!

Year after year of doing art, I wanted to kick down a new habit and a new passion.  Let’s just say I went a bit nutty by hammering into a television and yanking the head off this poor doll.  I never did the 3D thing or the “mixed media” until this year and I have zero clue as to why I let this happen!  This is Bombshell Covergirl.  I plan on doing about three pieces in the next few months.  Please kick down some of your found art pretty please, I have more fun if other artists join together and share ideas.  Tah tah for now.  Breathe and break something now…makes your day much more exciting.



CoverA CoverASide CoverEye LegUp SunCovergirl

New! Studio 23 Art Center “The Essence of Creativity”

new_logoslideNew Art Space!! July 18th-Aug. 29 in Bay City Michigan.  Includes two abstract pieces and a large illustration named “Good Knight”.  The exhibit is in collaboration with work done at both Creative 360 and Do-All Incorporated.  Super promise to take pics when I make it to the museum.  Blessing after blessing…I am very excited to also comment that I am going to start some volunteer work twice a week for Do-All Incorporated.  Met some AMAZING employees yesterday and really believe I can make new art friends!  It is an art gallery in front and an art work space in back made of tables in the back.  Every possible medium available–God this is going to be awesome!   threefishmissesfarmingapplesorgancesKnightDetailCouplexcf

OMG! Art Girl is REALLY Invited into A Real Museum

A real art moment for me…I made it to a “statewide” art gallery competition. This project is going to be at the Grand Rapids Museum for the next few weeks. Four $500 prizes and a chance to make it for the International ArtPrize competition. I’ve already signed up for ArtPrize so I have some MAJOR stress about what I am going to show there…get ready—this contest prize is worth $200,000 for grand prize! WHO knows?







Art Clash Art Contest 2014 Blooming Beauty



ArtClash is a unique 3-hour Juried Art Competition, judged by local art professionals and faculty. The ArtClash event is open to the community, with participants creating original works of art right before your eyes. Prizes are awarded and winning artwork is sold by live auction following the competition. The remaining artwork is sold at silent auction. Artists receive 50% of the sale price and 50% goes to benefit Do-Art Studio & Gallery, a creative arts program for people with developmental and other disabilities.

April 12, 2014