“Be Gentle”

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“Be Gentle”
Created 12/22/2018 18″ x 26″  Graphite



A Day in the Life of an Artist

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One must wonder what an artist does in one day.  This girl is a drawing addict and it can last for hours if I am in the “mood”.   I usually do abstract when I first wake up and sketches at the end of my day.  Relaxes me for bed time believe it or not.  I’m working on my graphic novel so I am putting in a lot of time trying to get the character worked out.  Time for my lunch and nap…hard at work again after that.  In addition to all this art, I am currently reading three art books at the same time and plan to start going to Creative 360 more often.  Love my life!

Legacy Trust Award Collection Entry

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With four years selection for the state-wide competition, here is the image that I did last night named “Another Kiss to the Frog” for the Grand Rapids Museum of Arts.  This size is larger than I am used to at 18 x 24 yet I had more fun with detail work.  I kept it in the lightest pencil as my tool, 4H.  Hope you like it!



Super Fresh Abstract…Yummmm

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I love the taste of my artistic addiction when I first wake up.  My brain is on ZING mode and my hands can’t catch up to the signals pouring down over my head.  Setting a new site  for my art work at Flickr where I can sell my work and share what range I cover for future opportunities.  For the right price and the right person, a super fast abstract must make your heart sing.  Feel free to keep in touch with my name and gmail.com.

PS  Feedback about my drawings is a blast, feel free to keep in touch and comment





Brand New Art Realism and Not


Whoa tiger…seems that last month was making me do this art thing for hours.  I sit on the sofa and just get lost in sketches.  My bf gets to yell to his video game with head-gear (grr whatever, he is fully entertained, very loud cuss words) and I listen to waves of the ocean at my spot in my sofa recliner.   I have been addicted to sketchnation.com and youtube for new techniques.  It has been over two years and I am thinking about making another book named Imagination Illustration.  I am also writing /drawing about the stories of my life.  Take care and comment if you like an image.

Air hugs.

Oceans of clarity,























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Are my Roots Showing? Like Totally.


Yikes!  Took a break too long to show you my newest art projects and I promise to make up for lost time.  The newest piece in my family is this eyeball and mouth grow out.  Yeah my ideas are ummm..original and would feel awesome to hear “you know Heather, I have witnessed this piece and I will never see another one like it.”  Being unique is the best-est present to the artist and this only took me two days…I’m pretty snappy when it comes to deadlines and the such.  My first time to present it was at the Creative 360 fundraiser a few weeks ago.  The next few are my newer abstract and the last is for my sister in California…she owns a reptile store!!  How rad is that?

Thank you for checking me out.  More pictures on the way I promise.

Ohhhh, by the way, I am putting together a party called Valentine Prom and would love you to see how cool the logos turned out.  Take care and air kisses.







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Beauty Is Kicking me in the Head



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MGuildSubmission Here are my latest, I mean hot off the computer images.

I’m back on my college online certification for Graphic And Visual Design on Alyson.com.  Haven’t studied for almost twenty years…just hope my brain can jump back to its own self.  Thanks for your comments and the patience to watch what I do.  I have been having the time of my LIFE!!  Someone at Disability network bout me some brand new 24 set of Primacolor double sided markers and huge pieces of expensive paper.  This is the good time right now.  All smiles and love for spring time.

mixupb piecessetup 026 DexArt MidlandGuild EvilWitchMGuildSubmission  017 Eveette 017 piecessetup



































Naked Lady Head Logo & More


Head2PicassoFundraiser  VanillaPopsicle Eyesight BubbleLove

Does this woman  with no hair scare you?  Hmmm…I just did my logo right by her naked head to scare you and show interest at the same time.

See I am an elite-ess Graphic Designer and I feel like I can almost use any visual image for my use.  Whooo-ha ha ha!  If I end up in prison, I promise to have a secret blog society with letters to my sister.  Thanks sis!  Keep all that on the down low yo.  Send me some watermelon gum and a sketch pad if you do see me behind bars.  I am sure those would be considered as “luxury” items but what is a locked up girl supposed to do?

I formally apologize for my blog behavior.  Getting in a more “blog” girl mood again.  Just did the view of the o’ resume and calculated that I have been an artist for almost 15 years!!  My rebirth is almost hitting the year and a half mark.  Just recently, I had a two day turnaround on five art projects for fundraisers.  With that tight of a two deadlines, my instant like burst in my brain took me to another level.  One I learned about on a Monday that it was needed by Wednesday (I volunteered also to do two pieces??!! Crack attack for real!).  The other three art projects I did totally know about the deadline and procrastinated real bad.  In the middle of church, I started to draw two of them out (sorry) that went along with the pastor’s message.

The name of my three pieces is Vanilla Popsicle, Bubble Love and Eyesite.  I will post them now and feel free to comment if you love or hate it.  Constructive, not a fork to the eye ball, criticism would be welcomed.

Well I must hug you tight  and say “Tah Tah” until we see each other again.