Blind Contour

Let me live by art indeed. Why do I close my eyes? The answer is very simple. With the wide imagination I create in my brain, I love to take ideas and trickle them down to my hand to illustrate. The artwork with no vision creates secrets and stories that no one can copy. My goal with my artwork is to give the viewer time to turn the head to my unique style and lead the quest onward to the mystery of my thoughts. Illustrations by Heather Deogracia

Award-Winning Graphic Layout & Design

Being a computer nerd, putting things into a graphic realm comes by talent I assume. After three months at my first job at the East Bay Business Magazine, I received an ADDY Award (Advertising Design Development of the Year) for the Certificate of Excellence Silver. My background is a long list of titles with over 22 years such as Marketing Campaign Director, Reporter, Photography, Graphics and Copy Editor.

New creative energy flows through my head to the computer.


Drawing realistically feels so wonderful since it takes so much time and focus. I’m always working on three or four images at the same time so I can keep fresh ideas or techniques that I learn overtime emerge. Currently, I am learning to draw with a certificate program on Udemy.com. When I get my work framed at Michaels, nothing thrills me more then they ask if I am an artist??Long live graphite realism!