Qualifications and College Background


Heather Deogracia

Graphic Production Artist
Award-winning Graphic Layout and Design
Award-winning Fine Art Illustration & Blind Contour
International Marketing and Advertising Director
Pre and Post Print Production
Radio Broadcasting
Art Workshop Instructor, Private Lessons
Imagination Illustration
Colored Pencils, Watercolors, Comics

California State University of San Bernardino
Bachelor in Science: Medical Illustration, June 1999
Double Major: Medical Science & Fine Art

Courses Completed at CSUSB:

Earning a 4.0 G.P.A. for Fine Art in Studio

Art and Society, Art History: Prehistoric through to Middle Ages and Renaissance to the Present, Introduction and Advance in: Drawing and Life Drawing, Composition and Design, Color Theory, Two and Three Dimensional Design, Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Print and History in Graphic Design I and II

Earning a 3.0 in Pre-Medicine in the health sciences:

Biology of the Cell, Biology of Populations, Biology of Invertebrates, Medical Microbiology, Comparative Animal Physiology, Embryology, Chemistry 1: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding, Chemistry II: Principles of Chemical III: Chemical Reactions, Organic Chemistry, , Human Physiology and Anatomy I and II, Human Physiology for Biology Majors, Medical and Economics, Comparative Animal Physiology





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