Artistic Statement & Biography

Artistic Statement

The best way to explain my artistic surface includes three words: manic, chatterbox and nerd.  12 years ago, I was diagnosed with Bipolar I: Mania.  This gift of high artistic streams of a healthy addiction may prove why unusual branches in my mind fire off some chemical magic. My choice of communication skills, or as I typed as chatter,  is intended to make others think, opinionate and share laughter of equal value.   Being smart does have merit when it comes to artistic math, human anatomy and even the principles or techniques that years of practice make.  My present specialty is being poured into a graphic novel using imaginative detailed illustrations and creating abstract art with my eyes closed.  I must mix all of this left and right brain explosion for heavy creative challenges, the over-whelming conversational spells and a beautiful scientific flow of knowledge and problem-solving.


In the theory of brain structure, the brain gives equal weight to art, creativity and the skills of imagination and synthesis. Divergent thinking describes how Heather Deogracia functions and thrives in an environment of higher education, a professional career and the meaningful exchange of information.

“My outgoing personality is who I am. Communication with others is a concept, idea, information and feelings.”

In June of 1999, Deogracia earned a Bachelor of Arts degree: Dual Major: Fine Art (4.0 GPA) and Pre-Medicine (3.0 GPA) at California State University in San Bernardino. CSUSB awarded her twice for “Certificate of Appreciation”, “Outstanding Leadership” and “Outstanding Contribution”. She interned four years for the District Attorney Child Support Division in both Riverside and San Bernardino County. In her free time, Heather worked on the college newspaper, the Coyote Chronicle, as a Graphics Editor, Comic Strip Illustrator,Reporter and Photographer.

Three months out of college as an Advertising Designer, she was awarded the 1999-2000 American Advertising Federation Award “Citation of Excellence Silver” for B/W Newspaper. Other highlights of her professional graphics arts career include an Advertising Designer at the East Bay Business Time, Graphic Production Artist position at Meyer Corporation and a Production Artist/Marketing Assistant at Aircraft Spruce and Specialty.

After applying to a creative agency in San Francisco, Heather was hired as a Continuity Director for Clear Channel Radio Broadcasting for KIOI. In her new job description, she coordinated the flow of over 300 advertising clients, worked with studio production and on air personalities. At this time, it was often to meet and greet with music and celebrity guests (yes I was taller than most).

The next chapter of Heather Deogracia’s story is to keep reading a ton of books, blogging daily and reaching for new projects that require hard work and an extra expression of creativity.


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