Creative Eyes

My term for my fine art is imagination illustration.  The material and memories are all here up here in my head and all I have to do is tap it or knock on it.  Barely using references, all I can state is what I learned in college in theory of “make art your own and NEVER copy”.  My favorite materials include: pen & ink, ink markers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils and grey gradaition pens.

The most common tern attached to my illustrations is spiritual, whimsical and unusual.   The talents of my art history takes me back to Barbie coloring books, crayons, color makers and the wall (sorry mom).

I never knew I was talented as an artist until I was a junior in highschool.  After my first assignment, my art teacher pulled me aside after class and stated that I should consider being a professional artist.  Thought she was crazy until I started to feel more confident and getting positive remarks from others.

Another clear sign of my imagination side took hold in my human anatomy class when before she taught lessons in the morning, I would zip over there to draw what was covered in the class.  My teacher was ummm…bad at drawing and I learned more about the topic at that time.  After a year, she also pulled me aside and said I should become a doctor.

Strange how art shows up and makes others take notice.  I won’t stop and not ever.

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