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Sunday Feature Cover in Midland Daily Newspaper on Oct. 17th, 2016



2016      Midland Daily Newspaper, Legacy Trust Art Collection


Front Cover for Creative 360 and Course Descriptions for Workshops in the Winter Edition


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Exhibit History



2018     Banner Art Selection “Painting Your Own Ocean, Mt. Pleasant City, MI

2018     Midland Artists Guild, Gallery Choice at Creative 360 Midland, MI

2018     Art Loft at Grace Dow Memorial Library, “People’s Choice”, Midland MI

2018     Submission for the “50 Greatest Artist for the Tri-City, Studio, Bay City, MI

2018     Solo Exhibit, “IHuman”, Counter Cultural Art Gallery, February, Saginaw, MI

2018     Northwood University, “Tigress” and “Octopi”, Midland, MI

2018     Submission for the “50 Greatest Artist for the Tri-City, Studio, Bay City, MI

2018     Midori Sushi and Martino Bar, 16 abstract images, January to March, Mt. Pleasant, MI

2017     Esspresso Milano coffee shop, 12 abstract images and 3 realistic illustrations, July to September, Midland, MI

2017     Adirondack Chair Selection from Studio 23, “Beauty of the Bay”, sponsored by Meijer stores, Bay City, MI

2017     Safe & Sound Art Auction for Child Protection & Advocacy, “Immersion of the Mind”, Feb. 3, Midland, MI

2017     Studio 23 “Icing on the Cake”, Dynamic Duos composition with Allise Noble, Jan. 5th to Feb. 24th, Bay City, MI 

2017     Midland Artist Guild Bradley’s Bistro, 10-15 illustrations running for Jan. 4-March 1, Saginaw, MI

2017    Midland Artist Guild venue Stacker’s Grill, 16 pieces of Illustrations, running Mar. 5-May 3, Midland, MI 

2017     Midland Artist Guild Expresso Milano, 16 pieces of Illustrations, running for July 5-Sept. 6th, Midland, MI

2016      Creative 360 Abstract Illustrations Showcasing for Express Yourself Art Shop students, Midland, MI

2016      Big Boys Restaurant, 20 pieces of Illustration and Abstracts, Oct.-Dec.,Midland, MI

2016      Senior Center first Venue for Midland Artist Guild, 12 pieces of Illustrations, Midland, MI

2016      Creative 360, Abstract Showcase for Art Shop, 10 pieces personalized for students, Midland, MI

2016      Dollar Daze, “Cellular Error“, “Cracked”, Fundraiser for Creative 360 Art Shop, Midland, MI

2016      Second Hand Picasso, “Cracked“, “Cellular Error”, Fundraiser for Creative 360, Midland, MI

2016      Piano Palooza, Fundraiser for Disability Network, “Green Beings” sold for $200 and “Stay” sold for $130

2016      Art Clash 3-hour completion, Fundraiser for Do-Art Inc., “He Stood”, Bay City, MI

2016      Legacy Trust Award Collection, “Not Lying”, Statewide Selection, sold for $475, Grand Rapids Museum

2015       Loons Dow Fundraiser for PAO (Personal Assistance Options), “High Def” auction for $975, Midland, MI

2015       One Roof Rally, Fundraiser for Midland Area Homes “True Love Chemistry”, “Hands Down”, Midland, MI

2015       Art Clash 3-hour completion, Fundraiser for Do-Art Inc., “Medusa Tear of Hate”, Bay City, MI

2015       Selection for “Majesty of Midland: King Lion” for the 2015 Gear Up Summer Sculpture Series

2015       Midland Artist Guild 31st Annual Juried Exhibit, “Gypsy Rose”, Queen Evil”, Library Grace A. Dow Library

2015       Creating Piece by Piece with Selected Jury, Creative 360, “Hi Jack”, Midland, MI

2015       Humane Society of Bay County, “Canines, Cats & Cupids Gala”, “Close your Flower”, “See Hand”, Bay City

2015       Piano Palooza, Fundraiser for Disability Network, “Devilish Angel” and “Angel of Music”, Midland, MI

2014       Studio 23 and Art Center “The Essence of Creativity” “Good Knight”, Bay City, MI

2014       Habitat for Humanity “Riverdays” Fundraiser “Sweet Hummers”, Midland, MI

2014       Great Lakes Pharmacy, “Happy Humming Bird”, Midland, MI

2014       Television Marathon Participant Benefiting Creative 360’s Express Yourself Workshop, Midland, MI

2014       Legacy Trust Award Collection, “Mother of Literacy”, Statewide Selection, Grand Rapids Museum

2014       Second Hand Picasso, “Vanilla Ice”, “Dad Over Daughter”, Fundraiser for Creative 360, Midland, MI

2014       Piano Palooza, Fundraiser for Disability Network, “Piano Girl” and “Tip Toe”, Midland, MI

2014       Art Clash 3-hour art competition, Fundraiser for Do-All Inc., “Blooming Beauty”,  Bay City, Midland, MI

2013        Art & Sol Forest of Radiant Light, “Mother of Literacy”, Creative 360 & Grand Rapids Museum, MI

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