Creative. Educated. Awarded.

Appearing on the front page for the Midland Daily Newspaper for her artist technique, Heather Dawn Deogracia has a stellar artistic journey in Central Michigan.  As a city girl from San Francisco, she found moving to Midland 15 years ago was quite a culture shock and making fellow friends in the artistic population was her significant goal.

Now her artwork history has swelled to over 40 exhibits in the Tri-City area using blind contour (continuous line with the eyes closed) and other forms of illustrations at museums, galleries, business venues and fundraisers.

Last year, she was eagerly invited to her first solo exhibit named “I Human” at Counter Culture in down town Saginaw.  There was a display over 45 images of abstract figure drawings made of ink that has never been exhibited and actually kept in secret.

Most recent, Ms. Deogracia received the 2019 Award of Excellence in for Midland Artists Guild juried exhibit on display in the art gallery of Creative 360 in Midland, Michigan.  Four years in a row, Legacy Trust Award Collection has been exhibited at the Grand Rapids Museum of Art and this year was on display during Art Prize at a business venue.
Other achievements include the Midland county Art Letournau Award for “Collaboration & Creativity in Community Support” and “Leadership of Bay County Achievement” held by Studio 23 in Bay City.  Her volunteer jobs have included Creative 360, Candle Stone Elderly Living, the Midland Center for the Arts and Dow sponsored events.  

Before moving to Michigan, her professional career was in Award-Winning Graphic Layout & Design, International Art Marketing and in Radio Broadcasting as a Continuity Director.  Since moving to Midland, she works from home as an Award-Winning Fine Artist and owns two companies of ArtSmart, a private art tutorial services and Miss Heavenly Designs as a Graphic Production Artist.

In a harsh collegigent educational background, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Illustration with the majors of Pre-Medicine and Fine Art from California State University in San Bernardino.

Now Heather is enrolled for a certificate course for Character Art Design and Drawing: Beginner to Advanced on-line at  In the next year, she will be working on a graphic novel by writing and illustrating on a story based on true events and part fiction.  In addition to school, she smiles often, reads big books and draws in bursts of inspiration.

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