Are my Roots Showing? Like Totally.

Yikes!  Took a break too long to show you my newest art projects and I promise to make up for lost time.  The newest piece in my family is this eyeball and mouth grow out.  Yeah my ideas are ummm..original and would feel awesome to hear “you know Heather, I have witnessed this piece and I will never see another one like it.”  Being unique is the best-est present to the artist and this only took me two days…I’m pretty snappy when it comes to deadlines and the such.  My first time to present it was at the Creative 360 fundraiser a few weeks ago.  The next few are my newer abstract and the last is for my sister in California…she owns a reptile store!!  How rad is that?

Thank you for checking me out.  More pictures on the way I promise.

Ohhhh, by the way, I am putting together a party called Valentine Prom and would love you to see how cool the logos turned out.  Take care and air kisses.







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