New Abstract Technique…both hands required


Hurrah it is hump day!!   Woke up three days ago and this is what I have done in two days…the paper was much bigger and my hunger for art was huge as can be!  I must have need a change in ink mastery (too many episodes of Ink Master) and try to use my hands and shapes more.  Not on the right side of the bed at the moment…kink in my neck from sleeping on the couch *by choice and trying to read more books then ever before.  Reading four books at the moment and two are very important in my time scheduling and goal seeking.  Would love to exchange art back and forth…we can even have a draw off if you are in the mood!  Drinking  a Java Monster Vanilla Light for dinner…mmm…dinner.

ChestBubblesWhole Chestywhole Getintheboxwhole Hairpullwhole HeadsOffwhole OurZoowholeone perkywalkerswhole Pinkoidwhole zooohwholeChestbubblesclosechesteyescloseHairpullcloseHeadsOffcloseHeadsOffclosenowOurzooclosePinkoidcloseSweepcloseTrashiqueBottomTrashiqueMidTrashiqueTop