Gone Animal Lately! Humane Society Fundraiser

Sniff sniff sniff.  That is my art brain when it is having a cold or crying from no inspiration.  Then bam yesterday, I was about to take a nap and three things zipped through my attic (I have a higher room in my brain where I keep my daydreams, nightmares and desires).  So freakin’ stuck on my fine line of abstract or realism…people/audience respond to the uncomplicated imaginations that look familiar in realism, but the BEST is when someone stops, looks at me, stops and looks down and says “you did this”??   “Yes indeed sir/miss”  All by myself.  Now I am crossing another line by adding realism into my abstract images to give more clues about what I am trying to express.

The animal kingdom is soooo broad that it was difficult to think keep it simple and rely on detailed illustrations.  Kept it to my illustrations and crossing my fingers hoping they liking one of the three ideas.  My piece is going to be in the live auction so I am a little rattled because I strive for the best most of the time.

In the first one is animals going to a grand affair with human masks to hide their identity.
Think ballroom affair with assorted heads of animals.
Second, a female with a motions in her hair…this was just a first sketch so more input would make it easier
Third, a nerd pack of animals as a multi-media paste job with book pages in the back and each animal will just be black/white except for their neon reading glasses.

Here are a few rough drafts and I hope any input would be yummy.  I think I am leaning on the pretty ballroom animals illustrations.birdgirlggirlhumanefemalesmartestdog