I Do Exist…Crawling Out of My Secret Art Cave

I saw the paper piles go up and up and up…then I was going through like pens in one day of working…then I was dreaming out a new ink and paper project named “Blank”.  I have so much to show you!  Sit and smile for a bit…it will be like a unicorn under the rainbows.  Actually it is a month of fun work.  Some realism and some abstracts.  Please let me know what you think!  I’m gearing up on ebay to get some sales on my newest work.  Please contact me on heatherdeogracia@gmail.com.bodyofpeoples bonkers Boobtube branchcloseA branchcloseB branchhead BreathingRoses crabid doingthesplits groovygirl highnudes hyperwords lovechemistry Octopid robotyellow RunningTheives Soul4times Soul4timesc;ose squals TripleBikeRidecendexderellaC couplecarrot fivechest gluedup meducassad2 youaregoingnowherehorse


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