Live Auction Shocker

high def june 2015

I stopped breathing and held it in until the final number had finished…I was holding almost a grand in my hand!!!  What!!?  Did I just hear you auction man?  Starting at what?  $500?  Dang!  Bam at $975.  I was ridiculously shocked.  No one has ever seen my work and that was the first time I did abstract and used real “professional art tools” supplied by Disability Network and Personal Assistance Options.  This is impossible.  Impossible.

The night was Wednesday the 17 of June…it was the night of the Celebrity Gala in the box Dow Diamond for the baseball Loons game.  Three amazing buffets and an array of beverages, big time business individuals wandered the room and many recognized and laughed when they found someone familial.  I’m walking the suited and tailored females and actually ran into three people in the room.  My celebrity that I was assigned to, Dave Emmel, totally knew everyone’s name and what profession they were in—I was super impressed and he knew like the crowd and I shook hands with a lot of people as he introduced me to everyone.  I was feeling awesome and just had some tender cut roast beef when the attention was drawn to the live auction.

The room was swarmed to the sitting area and it was a buzzing group chatting about the art that was displayed.  There were like six items on tables and we were encouraged to explain our piece and people bid at the lowest end and work the way up.  Second to last, I was enthusiastic to explain how our piece was a “blind abstract” with our hands on the pen with my right hand and his left hand.  The second part of the piece was wrist to wrist union.

The art project was solid with hard contour lines, amazing deep marker colors and a balance on the bottom right.  “High Def” was definite the art piece that was the best of my life (sometimes I am nasty and procrastinate and never do the finish job”).  There was an entirely awesome turnaround time at about 12 hours.  David is a CEO and had a slammed calendar but when we got together, we laughed, and I was pretty much in control for my side in the artistic realm.  We were standing and doing the vanna white walk after I gave my 5 minute intro..people were like “ohhh, ahhh, wow”.  Not intimidated with attention, Dave and I locked eyes with excitement.  We laid out the best and there was nothing to do until there was a verbal battle with the fast slamming voice of the auctioneer.

Heaven rang into my ears.  I really did it.  Midland knows I am an artist.