Like Where Is My Mind

Like totally been inspired like everywhere and anywhere.  Bringing my journal in my purse was like the best idea ever!  Started writing poetry and had it on stage at Creative 360 twice—this was the first poem I ever wrote on a Thursday and reading it on stage on a Friday…awesome and weird…the first one was about a woman that has fallen in love with a serial killer.  Really?  My first poem.  Hmmm.

Serial Love

By: Heather Deogracia

Opening my eye sockets, you tied me up again and it is all clear I can see your hate

This typical abduction, forced behavior and sick chemicals of your head that make you deadly

This is you, the man on his knees pleading forever more

With a band of gold and diamond stone on my skin

Our past is a complicated fabric of sticky sickness, lying jealousy and you’re lashing eyes in evil stalking

My senses are screaming and pleading for you and for my little precious little life

How should I act to make you treat me like your doll, your princess, and your mother

Rocking back and forth, I put your poor humiliating head on my chest

This is the only way I know that won’t hurt me for an hour or so

He hates me because I am the only star in the galaxy he could love and trust

Just was supplied this huge pages of Bristol paper and now I am getting ideas before they are on paper—another thing I learned from my boyfriend, Leonardo Di Vinci.  I just used all the paper I have and went to the dollar store to buy more pens…just feeling inked this summer.  Can’t stop.  Robot Artist.  Exterminate.  Exterminate.

I’ve had these scanned but not posted for a while (I know I am in trouble yet again).  I’m going to post them on my illustration and abstract pages.

Oceans of Loveturtles Poppy jobird InternalExternal GoldGirl flowergals.jpeg flowergal2 firstabstract Carol cactusrider breathe1 bluemachine high def june 2015