Smarty Pants Collection for Espresso Milano Venue

Here the date is set at July 5th at 2 pm…waiting for this moment since I moved to Midland!  My favorite coffee house needs a local artist***me raising my arms high!  Signed up for this venue as my first choice.  The zaps of new ideas came to this head last week to do a series that reflects that pretty girls can do outstanding fantastic mind blowing intellectual feats too.  Made fun of or bullied because I was a nerd and this is payback time bitches.  These are on wood panels with glossy spray and wire backing.  I have yet to … Continue reading Smarty Pants Collection for Espresso Milano Venue

Writing New Graphic Novel

Yeah for the opening of my new novel named “Heather Hurts Inside”, Illustrations of a Broken Human.  These are the opening paragraphs and my illustrations are in the work as we connect here.  Very very early rough draft yet wanted you to know this has been a new project of mine for a few months, lots of researching and putting together parts of my life to explain to others.  The illustrations are going to be drawn after the copy has been written.  Positive feedback so far has been outstanding! “I absolutely love it. It’s very emotive and kind of snarky … Continue reading Writing New Graphic Novel