Off To New Direction for A Series “Bugstir”

Have not had a realistic drawing stream until I came across a book about drawing bugs…I know it was for a child yet the actual shapes made it 100% easier.  I have these really awesome 2H pencils that are soft and after repetitive motion that creates black tones.  This is just the beginning and spent a few hours with this one.  Sometimes I feel like a “real” artist.  I’m selling prints for $40 for an 8.5 x 11.  Feel free to contact me at 989.941.9993.

Newrose scorpio


Petting Medical Science

Lately I have been thinking way back of interesting things in my mind on subjects I really used to know when I earned my degree in science and art.  These are my latest abstract black and white images and plan to show you three color possibilities when I am done with watercolor.  Enjoy and share at your will.  I also really love comments if you have free time. Tah Tah for now!  Heather Dawn.


A Day in the Life of an Artist

One must wonder what an artist does in one day.  This girl is a drawing addict and it can last for hours if I am in the “mood”.   I usually do abstract when I first wake up and sketches at the end of my day.  Relaxes me for bed time believe it or not.  I’m working on my graphic novel so I am putting in a lot of time trying to get the character worked out.  Time for my lunch and nap…hard at work again after that.  In addition to all this art, I am currently reading three art books at the same time and plan to start going to Creative 360 more often.  Love my life!

Legacy Trust Award Collection Entry

With four years selection for the state-wide competition, here is the image that I did last night named “Another Kiss to the Frog” for the Grand Rapids Museum of Arts.  This size is larger than I am used to at 18 x 24 yet I had more fun with detail work.  I kept it in the lightest pencil as my tool, 4H.  Hope you like it!



Top 35 8.5 x 11 Digital Images for IHuman

Digital Images Downloaded today for your viewing pleasure and on sale for $85 for the original print in a small black frame.  If interested, call 989.941.9993 and describe the blind contour image you prefer.  Fortunately, you will get to see the images before the public at my first solo exhibition with brand new art pieces that have never been displayed before.  This was a hobby project of letter size images that I put together for IHuman.  I am still in the process of loading bigger images in my next blog.



IHuman solo exhibit is in Full Swing in Downtown Saginaw at Counter Culture

JpgPress Release 1.14.2018 Heather Deogracia




Press Release Art Statement for IHuman

Never viewed by an audience, this first solo exhibit by Heather Deogracia uses a blind contour abstract technique or best described as figurative illustration carried out single ink line from beginning to end with her eyes closed. With over 50 images created during her free time (usually starting at 4 a.m.), her drawing addiction intent is to create entire stories from one image of line and color theory.

On the face of the front page of a Sunday Feature article of the Midland Daily News in October of last year, Heather Deogracia describes how art saved her from suicidal ideation and manic psychosis from her brain disease of bipolar. Deogracia earned a double major Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Illustration in Pre-Medicine and Fine Art from California State University in San Bernardino. Her professional career includes Award-Winning Graphic Layout and Design, International Art Director and a Continuity Director in Radio Broadcasting. Around the end of her twenties, she had the first manic episode of psychosis and was sent to a Psyche Ward and prescribed medicine by Psychiatrists. After over 10 visits to psyche wards and more medicine to keep track of, she had a very rough time to find a balance emotionally. Fortunately four years ago, the breakthrough of her lifetime occurred when she could concentrate on art material and found an addiction in producing Award-Winning Studio Fine Art. With over 30 displays of various realistic and abstract images in fundraisers, restaurant venues and art exhibits, she has the experience and material to present for a new audience. Her brand new abstract illustrations in IHuman is a chance for a viewer to witness that mental illness must not stop an individual from creative behavior even in times of depression and mania.



First Solo Exhibition for IHuman for February


logo for CC IHuman Exhibit

Yikes!  My very first stab at the solo exhibit scene and thrills me end that they love my abstract world is going to be out there for all walks to see.  The only thing freaking me out is how to price items, $70.99 for small and $190.99 for large.  Since the deadline is so close, I have been working it into my schedule which is NOT a pain to me all.  Here are just a small sample of what I have done in the first two weeks.  Enjoy and feel free to comment if there is one you like a lot.  Tah tah!








Martini Bar & Grill for Venue Exhibition

With two day notice I whipped these images out for display.  On one wall of my series named Smarty Girls (faces with scientific theory comin out of the head.  All the images came out of wood.  The bar tender liked them so off to a good start for this year…timing to sell these are slim an I do them to feel so tingly inside when they are all hanging.  I work from home so seeing them in an establishment is a thrill.  Below is the food they serve as well.  I’ve never eaten sushi so I might try soon.  This exhibit is for two months and really would like you to check the place out!  Very young hip and high end.




First Draft of Illustration Style

Much love for my boyfriend da Vinci:

I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.
Leonardo da Vinci
Reading. Writing.  Illustrating.


Reading a list of 200 books to read before you die.  Second week in and almost done with 10.  All of them have like blown my mind!  I study them as I read and really respect rich vocabulary lexicon, how important a “central” character takes place and how the plot is what it is.

It is like art, you can let it melt your chemicals and it hurts so good.  I thought I would be reading in my spare time but all I want to do is read, write and draw.  Crazy and in a safe way I must.

I took off a quarter of teaching workshops where I volunteer but kept my volunteer jobs teaching some elderly retired women on drawing and watercolor (*I draw them beforehand).

Did a huge Princess Illustration this morning…totally out of my head how I like it.  I’ve also been kicking down some abstracts for parts of the story.  Getting a copy editor very soon but she I on vaca for awhile.  Gives me a chance to cement the table of contents.

I promise to post new images that I draw in groups.  Just fell in love with watercolored pencils that I got for xmas.  Sooo in love.

Tah tah for now and wishing you a happy New Year!!



The Artist Workbook Written in 2014

The book labeled The Artists Way Workbook by Julia Cameron has morning page journaling.  Believe it or not, I wrote this entry in 2014 and feels just as significant as it did back then.

  1. Hunger for reasons: I used to drive my mother insane with questions she had no explination of, I think in sokme ways she was both ignorant and uneducated, it was like I was a philosopher and wanted to tind the mean of life: I was always reading to do so
  2. Book smarts:  I used to be in the “reading Olympics” as a child I used to read all the time, book worm girl-the lirary used to make me sooooo excited.  I just read to escape my childhood-gavea chance to be left alone by everyone-in addition, my mother didn’t have to discipline or watch me when I was just reading.  I hated my my mom never read a single book the whole time I was raised
  3. Very outhoing with stranger: it was veary constant to get to know other people then my own family.  My mom didn’t like me to invite friends over or even fun when she didn’t know “their parents”.  I was fascinated by how instant a connection could be made if you were just nice to a stranger-I also was also sexually abused sso I assumed that every person had my male behavior
  4. Easilly entertained: I used to scream/giggle a if someone was trying to hold or start for my attention.  I was scared of clowns.  Just some of them.  I would clap my hands and have a huge smile from ear to ear.  My parents were not entertaining and never grasped the concept that laughing was the best medicine and having a sense of humor made life so mo much more stimulating and for a reason to get involved with people yoou felt “happy” around for a reason to get involved with people you felt “happy” around
  5. Chatterbox: I was born with this gift to meet anyone to respond to my compliments or ful with my “real” personality.  I was to be ANTI-chatterbox and my mom would get Furious if I talked too much or was popular because I was outgoing. “mostougoing” was wh “” was.  I love hearing stories or listening to another person to share because my back and forth sresponse was pleasing for eachoof.  Chatter bosing also gets you prepared for that persons individuality to shine.

Concept for the Annual Dow Art Science Exhibit

2019 Dow High Annual Fair 12.16

Last year one of the students from Dow High was recommended  by her art teacher to give me an interview for college credit…she contacted me with fair questions after she read the interview after she read my front page story of the Midland Daily News for a Sunday Feature about Art Therapy for those with mental illnesses. She did a fine job and I was happy to help. What if an art student with a talent for science as well as art…hmmmm…now is the exact moment to host next year.

Brand new idea came to me yesterday about having a Dow sponsored event named the Dow First Annual Art Science Fair at Dow High with prizes that would be scholarships, gift cards for art supplies for the top winners. The themed fair must be judged by the instructions and administration with all knowledge of the mix of art and science instructors of the Dow staff. Dow knows a little by science, indeed, and I want to shake it up for high school students…applications or in the art word as a call to artists for schools in the Midland District under the age of 18 want to stay in the teen or younger years. The art could include photographs, 2-3 drawn images, multimedia and sculptures. I have been a volunteer at Creative 360 for over 4 years and want to branch out my real skills of my college degree in Medical Illustration. My website is if you ever need to see my resume and my work. My contact information is below this email. Thank you for your time and feel free to let me know if this is something you would put your heart into.

Dart Blast 12.15.2017

We ended up with the best year ever tonight!!!  I made a picture named  Dart Blast below

Met some f’ing amazing folks…thank you for the laughs for the girls and boys…abstract fave!!  Sushi much…our treat!!


Pleasure indeed.


Star Wars is Deep


Star Wars the master love fest of characters, meanings, also I would call it spiritual in every scene.  It brings me back to drawing art and reading massive books.  Star Wars is beyond any label of the library!

Anyways, I wrote this last night before seeing the movie.  All ties in and that is life, like for reals life.

First paragraph for the newest graphic novel…a feral girl that grew to be the first American Princess as a role model for the future of the United States of America:

In the four locked box room, a three year old is crunching and eating the stuffing of her mattress for lack of real food of a small tin bowl of cherreos with spoiled milk and the night meal of a paper plate with a slice of an American cheese slice with a small ugly dill pickle. The sounds of the four locks being clicks made her shadow into a fetal position with her face far awar from the door opening when she got her meal. No words spoken, her capture would punish her with and a big kick in the stomache or an easy slap to the pink cheeks of her face if she didn’t eat the meal. She ate the damn plate too because she thought it was bread.

Do you like it?  I am on page 82 and ready for the frame of a 7 chapter graphic novel that I have written in the past few days…mania about star wars, maybe??


New “IHUMAN” Exhibit Examples

Created in a few hours, a new idea has snapped my direction as far as abstract is concerned.  What if I used parts of the body that the audience would find more familiar with?  My plans also include occupations such as vets, cardiologists and more.  Promise to post as new ideas arise.