Naked Lady Head Logo & More

Head2PicassoFundraiser  VanillaPopsicle Eyesight BubbleLove

Does this woman  with no hair scare you?  Hmmm…I just did my logo right by her naked head to scare you and show interest at the same time.

See I am an elite-ess Graphic Designer and I feel like I can almost use any visual image for my use.  Whooo-ha ha ha!  If I end up in prison, I promise to have a secret blog society with letters to my sister.  Thanks sis!  Keep all that on the down low yo.  Send me some watermelon gum and a sketch pad if you do see me behind bars.  I am sure those would be considered as “luxury” items but what is a locked up girl supposed to do?

I formally apologize for my blog behavior.  Getting in a more “blog” girl mood again.  Just did the view of the o’ resume and calculated that I have been an artist for almost 15 years!!  My rebirth is almost hitting the year and a half mark.  Just recently, I had a two day turnaround on five art projects for fundraisers.  With that tight of a two deadlines, my instant like burst in my brain took me to another level.  One I learned about on a Monday that it was needed by Wednesday (I volunteered also to do two pieces??!! Crack attack for real!).  The other three art projects I did totally know about the deadline and procrastinated real bad.  In the middle of church, I started to draw two of them out (sorry) that went along with the pastor’s message.

The name of my three pieces is Vanilla Popsicle, Bubble Love and Eyesite.  I will post them now and feel free to comment if you love or hate it.  Constructive, not a fork to the eye ball, criticism would be welcomed.

Well I must hug you tight  and say “Tah Tah” until we see each other again.