Kick Down the Lights, Camera, Action Baby



Stand here.  Look and speak to the camera.  Pronounce your words.  Explain your artwork to the audience.  Hmmmmm. 

Looks like Heather D. did the impossible dream.  Yep.  TV baby.  TV.

There is a fundraiser event on the local news that is going to take place for the next two weeks.  Creative 360, a local gallery and school for artists, was looking for someone to present their work and explain why the classes helped them in the series of “Express Yourself Art Shop” lessons.  Being the art nerd I am, I was able to collect all my art work from my 2-dimentual and Acrylics classes.  In addition, I brought my own personal collection of work I have done in the past three months or so.

For fun, I took a few pics of all the art projects I have been working on.  Actually there are piles but I know where everything is (not a hoarder, please don’t label as the such).  I selected about 20 or so to show the director.  Little did I know that they were going to put these art sketches on the wall behind us.  I thought I was just bringing them to just show the director my type of work. 

Pretty much went picture by picture of what the image is and what my theory was behind it.  That is the fun point in my brain.  Most try to guess what my art means, but when I spit out my “truth”, they look at me like I am crazy.  Oh well.  I’m crazy.

The interview was only like 15-20 minutes long.  I was able to introduce myself and talk about how the classes were challenging and awarding at the same time.

Stars in my eyes.   Hmmm.  Maybe someone in Midland will stop me in the street and want my autograph.  Now that would be EPIC.