I Need More Cowbell, errr, Heather

Girl gypsy


Yes!!  It is a new year…I hope you had an amazing experience in the last year.  The time has come for me to re-establish my blog goddess background and really meet some new and awesome friends.  On here, you will find silly vs. serious, duh vs. shah and good vs. evil.  In short, I am here to let my creative freedom flag blow to the internet breeze.

I value education, emotional/physical self help and snorting laughter.

Why am I here on Word Press?

I think the reason you should read my blog because you might need a smile with either my lame jokes or my illustrations may be pleasing to the eye.  I plan to include an image with a post so it allows for an art journal process to occur.

I would like to get way more feedback and constructive comments.  I prefer to blog to get my mouth into words and I journal in my own time by writing backwards so my secrets will never be revealed… my boyfriend Leonardo di Vinci taught me how to do it.  The topics I write about are really varied and I aim for the reason I am here is the following:

Express thoughts and opinions

Promote open happy hmmm, and warm fuzzies

Help people when they need me

Establish myself into the artistic world

Provide information

Stay active and knowledgeable in my scientific and artistic background

That is about all I want to start the new year off with.  Mad love for you internet pals and hope to read your blogs this year.

Here is my most recent work on my first canvas experience… her name is Glorious Gypsy.