Brand New Smack-a-roo Art for February *My birthday is on the 12th

GypsyLady AbstractocityHiJackFullHiJack HiJack2



019067 PeriodicalFull   Periodical


AngryandHappy360TriPicPoppyOrangeBlossomHurrah for February!

Thought it was just about time to show my newest art projects and perhaps a look into what the names are and perhaps a little backstory.

1.  “Gypsy Rose”  My first canvas job. I’m submitting this work for a juried art competition here in the Dow Library in Midland, MI for the Michigan Artist Guild.

2.  “Abstraction”  Went on a website that showed abstraction plus a lot more realism…if my work gets too abstract, people don’t the clues as to what they are.  Nude woman some faces *check

3.  “Hi Jack”  The project was submitted for the new exhibit “Piece by Piece” at the gallery here in Midland, MI for Creative 360. The piece of art is both silly and serious in my mind. Would love to hear what people “think” what is going on.  I am leaning on the topic of International Sex Trade (I know my art mind can be pretty out there)

4.  “Peacocky”  I LOVE peacock feathers! I wanted to use some bright colors and a real object.

5.  “Zipper”  Hmmm…girls eye is being zipped off her face.

6.  “Do Evil or Not”  This two piece canvas set was sold at Michaels for like three dollars!  Just drew out composition in an hour and went crazy with a pencil.  Pretty and evil go hand in hand.

7.  “Periodical”  This is my mind when I think in both art world and science world…above is the periodic table with forms of abstract acrylic.

8.  “Squirrel Nibble”  What if I was close to a squirrel..she wouldn’t be so friendly…I heard they bite people here in Michigan…WHAT! Well this is pretend but this is what I would do.

9.  “Musical Notess” and “Face Plant”  Made for the fundraiser for Disability Network

10.  “Poppy” and “Blossom”  I drew this series of women from different states with the flowers of their state

Ahhhh…now I can breathe

Any feedback would make me smile!  Or even snort for that matter.

Oceans of Love,

Heather D.


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  1. So, I have an art blog, too now! Yay! Also, I’m freaking out because the entries for “Piece By Piece” shown here were amongst my favorites I peeked at in the gallery and it’s so cool to find out YOU are the artist! Definitely the most creative, out of the box submissions. You rock.


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