Wow! We Dropped Cable and I am Fine

It took one day to realize how overstimulated I was.  I tasted my food.  I focused on my breathing.  All my five senses have actually became calm.  First off, my critical thinking professor in college always tried to warn us students how stupid watching TV or the radio was.  Marketing and advertising was my specialtyContinue reading “Wow! We Dropped Cable and I am Fine”

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Last night I attended a presentation about a woman that attended a week-long conference with Patch Adams (yes, the movie with Robin Williams).  At first I had to get over my childish fear of clowns then enjoy what she had to teach.  The hour long session was called “Laughing Body, Art of Care”.  The presenter,Continue reading “Turn That Frown Upside Down”

The man in my life is Leonardo da vinci

I have fallen in love with a man that died many years ago…he was beautiful and a true human genius.  I first met him on an audio book and learned of his behaviors and attitudes that matched my own.  The most influential person in my life was found in my mid-thirties??  Let’s just say heContinue reading “The man in my life is Leonardo da vinci”