New “IHUMAN” Exhibit Examples

Created in a few hours, a new idea has snapped my direction as far as abstract is concerned.  What if I used parts of the body that the audience would find more familiar with?  My plans also include occupations such as vets, cardiologists and more.  Promise to post as new ideas arise.

Leadership Bay County Class of 2017 Achievement for Adirondack Chair in Bay City

Recently, my art was selected now on exhibit on a Adirondack chair there in Bay City for Studio 23 at the Bay City Rowing Club under a gazebo at 350 West Lafayette Ave.  The coordinator contacted me and stated that once the new handicap children’s park was built there, they plan to move it.  IContinue reading “Leadership Bay County Class of 2017 Achievement for Adirondack Chair in Bay City”

Butterfly Treasure Workshop Creative 360

This is my newest workshop and new bio: Drawing butterflies is easy and fun when you learn the basic shapes and colors, then move forward with step-by-step instruction in how to make your own beautiful creations. Instructor Heather Deogracia is a graduate of California State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree inContinue reading “Butterfly Treasure Workshop Creative 360”

Adirondack Chair Exhibit Application

Yeah I am back from my “chemical holiday” at the hospital.  Don’t worry…I am much better now and was worried that my art inspirations and motivations would fade to a very bad place.  Alive and kickin’ is what I say.  Just did this in three days so I know I did get some webs outContinue reading “Adirondack Chair Exhibit Application”