Petting Medical Science

Lately I have been thinking way back of interesting things in my mind on subjects I really used to know when I earned my degree in science and art.  These are my latest abstract black and white images and plan to show you three color possibilities when I am done with watercolor.  Enjoy and shareContinue reading “Petting Medical Science”

A Day in the Life of an Artist

One must wonder what an artist does in one day.  This girl is a drawing addict and it can last for hours if I am in the “mood”.   I usually do abstract when I first wake up and sketches at the end of my day.  Relaxes me for bed time believe it or not.  I’mContinue reading “A Day in the Life of an Artist”

Legacy Trust Award Collection Entry

With four years selection for the state-wide competition, here is the image that I did last night named “Another Kiss to the Frog” for the Grand Rapids Museum of Arts.  This size is larger than I am used to at 18 x 24 yet I had more fun with detail work.  I kept it inContinue reading “Legacy Trust Award Collection Entry”

2018 Daily Art Challenge

Now here comes the fun part of my drawing career…not to draw figure drawings or blind contour drawings.  Everyday on this blog, I plan to post only here starting 1-27-2018 and the title or word of the day is going to be on top.  Wish me luck on my sketches and feel free to commentContinue reading “2018 Daily Art Challenge”

IHuman solo exhibit is in Full Swing in Downtown Saginaw at Counter Culture

    Press Release Art Statement for IHuman Never viewed by an audience, this first solo exhibit by Heather Deogracia uses a blind contour abstract technique or best described as figurative illustration carried out single ink line from beginning to end with her eyes closed. With over 50 images created during her free time (usuallyContinue reading “IHuman solo exhibit is in Full Swing in Downtown Saginaw at Counter Culture”

First Solo Exhibition for IHuman for February Yikes!  My very first stab at the solo exhibit scene and thrills me end that they love my abstract world is going to be out there for all walks to see.  The only thing freaking me out is how to price items, $70.99 for small and $190.99 for large.  Since the deadline isContinue reading “First Solo Exhibition for IHuman for February”

Dart Blast 12.15.2017

We ended up with the best year ever tonight!!!  I made a picture named  Dart Blast below Met some f’ing amazing folks…thank you for the laughs for the girls and boys…abstract fave!!  Sushi much…our treat!!   Pleasure indeed.  

Star Wars is Deep

  Star Wars the master love fest of characters, meanings, also I would call it spiritual in every scene.  It brings me back to drawing art and reading massive books.  Star Wars is beyond any label of the library! Anyways, I wrote this last night before seeing the movie.  All ties in and that isContinue reading “Star Wars is Deep”