Udemy Human Anatomy Study Sketches

Who knew I would be reverting back to my college Bachelor’s degree in Medical Illustration.  The on-line course requires three pages of anatomy to memorize (ummmm…right) and here are my notes for the past two dates.  Learning new and stinging my past memory skills.  Promise to keep posting notes and sketches for this certificate programContinue reading “Udemy Human Anatomy Study Sketches”

35th Annual Midland Artists Guild Juried Exhibit Award of Excellence

Here it stands!  My very first art piece name “In Deed Roses” receives my first ever award from an exhibition!  The prize was received at the opening reception of the 35th Annual Midland Artists Guild Juried Exhibition Auto shock came over me when the announcer and jurist were ready for me on the stage forContinue reading “35th Annual Midland Artists Guild Juried Exhibit Award of Excellence”

Midland Artist Guild Juried Show 2019

As most know, I have no children or plan to in the future.  This piece is my expression of what I would act like if I was to be in the delivery room.  There are seven heads: really coming from my branch of personality reality when I freak out or in pain.  Being nude alsoContinue reading “Midland Artist Guild Juried Show 2019”

Branching Image Selected for Local Art Competition

Announcing local artist Heather Deogracia for art competition held by CMMH (Central Michigan Mental Health) now on display in the Midland location. The theme of the artwork contest was “Expressions and Moods in your Lifetime” with the size set at a 16″ x 24″. The call to artists deadline was set on November 1 ofContinue reading “Branching Image Selected for Local Art Competition”

Petting Medical Science

Lately I have been thinking way back of interesting things in my mind on subjects I really used to know when I earned my degree in science and art.  These are my latest abstract black and white images and plan to show you three color possibilities when I am done with watercolor.  Enjoy and shareContinue reading “Petting Medical Science”

A Day in the Life of an Artist

One must wonder what an artist does in one day.  This girl is a drawing addict and it can last for hours if I am in the “mood”.   I usually do abstract when I first wake up and sketches at the end of my day.  Relaxes me for bed time believe it or not.  I’mContinue reading “A Day in the Life of an Artist”