New Shock of Newspaper Article


Wow and wow again!  I’ve sent in an article for the first time and got published on the front of Midland Daily Newspaper in central Michigan.  After research and collecting quotes, my “reporter”, graphic editor and copy editing came into play as to send a request on Facebook.  Sent it in to the news editor by g-mail with pictures in a word document and then didn’t hear back.

On a Facebook message I was tagged into a congrats to my name and Midland Daily Newspaper.  I didn’t know the location at the time until I went to the library to check out the article in their archive.  Bam!  The article made the “news”.

Getting a few extra newspaper copies, the three employees at the front desk were very excited that I did a story on the mural and snagged 5 copies for myself and others that were in the article.  Can’t wait to see where my writing leads off to next.


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