Character Art Design School on Udemy

Can you say draw for six hours a day everyday?  Ouch!  This time I have really gone bonkers on my new certificate course with 119 lessons and over 230 hours of lectures.



Already have a load of homework and it thrills me to no end!!  The art “themes” I am drawing is at 45 items and range from high heels to sunglasses where I need to spend an hour with each one in different angles.  Took me four hours to draw over 200 tries trying to get the high heels just right!

My work is critiqued by other students and the teacher!  I can’t move on until I get all my work done!  Yikes!

In my overall theme, 6-8 hours three times a week, I have to work on my overall imaginative character and I picked a woman giving birth.  Ironically, I have no children yet I love hearing stories about the emotions involved.  Lots on even talking or bringing up the topic with my friends.  Even can digest all the horror stories!

Good thing I studied embryology in college so the topic does not freak me out.  Having a child is a miracle and I think my work will show that it is worth the pain in the end.  Planning on including the dad, doctors and nurses for sub-characters.

Promise on keeping you full of my work as I go along on this journey.  Taking a slam 5 years in medical science or “Medical Illustration” is what I earned with my Bachelor of Science degree is in.  Thought the fine art Bachelor of Arts degree also helped me along as well.

Wish me good luck!  I can only get freakin’ better right?