Waking Up Your Brain In the Morning

So my eyes slowly open and I have to figure out where I am at and what time it is.  This may seem like I am out of touch with reality and I am.  It is preposterous to wake up and ignore reason, nature and common sense.  Wake up in an incredible instant to move.  Spend time with yourself every time your eyes open.  Go beyond what is imagined.  Right after stumbling out of bed and putting my glasses on…I head straight to a book about motivation and inspiration.  Am I going to have a day of wasted vs. productive time.  My brain gets a full bath of chemicals.  Yum.  That is my breakfast.

Once people got to know me growing up, they would easily put me in the category of a happy riser.  In school, I took those 8 a.m. classes with a whole big slam of energy for the day.  Fellow students would groan, moan and question about how it was too early for me to be perky with zero caffeine involved.

Studying science for so long in college, I begun to understand my sleep cycle was not in the “normal” category.  I was up at 4 a.m. and went to bed around midnight.  My positive moods and personality was always on-no matter what time it was.  My heavy school schedule was crammed in my mind and I used every minute of my day trying to be an over achiever.  I surely accomplished the nearly impossible task in those 5 years of my life.  I do look back and wonder how in the hell did I do it all? 

For one thing, I do NOT allow anyone to decide or get permission on my passionate love on this planet.  I am completely involved in my environment and create opportunities to be a “crazy” artist.  My role models are based on those famous biographies I read about…I just want to spend the rest of my life exploding with knowledge and entertainment.  It is my choice to react, interrupt and set my intentions.

The strategic application to personal growth is a sense of humor.  There is nothing better in my life then my younger sister and I laughing so hard we are crying and about to pee our pants!  I worship the brightness, color and sound of a hysterical lifestyle.  I’ve already planned my retirement destination.  I want to melt into the sand of a warm ocean. 

The dreams in my brain will change over time.  I believe my mind is always working even with my eyes open or closed.  Wake up and see.