Wow! We Dropped Cable and I am Fine

It took one day to realize how overstimulated I was.  I tasted my food.  I focused on my breathing.  All my five senses have actually became calm.  First off, my critical thinking professor in college always tried to warn us students how stupid watching TV or the radio was.  Marketing and advertising was my specialty in my career…maybe that is my bitterness.  I did have an awesome DVR on cable so I could forward the commercials..that was even a pain as well.  I am a movie junkie so Netflix hooks me up everyday.  My mom raised us to play outside or to read quietly in our bedrooms.  I guess going back to that state is making my mind less stimulated and calm.  Working on my graphic novel has really been a focus point in my life.  Churn out whatever pops up in my head or reminds me of the plot to the story line.  I also learned how to draw using my left hand, it challenges my mind but if I focus enough, I can absolutely do it.  Take care and peace out on the TV for the moment.  Cheaper too!