New Realistic “Cherry & Strawberry”


The art work above was created by my so bright, talented, art instructor Allise Noble.  We are like totally the same style with female subjects in surreal settings.  We made an ART TRADE.  She made the image above that I hung right above my desk at $225…the best part is that I was given free pass to make whatever I wanted to hang in her new house.  To make her laugh I said, “Do you mind topless figures?”  I made her laugh so hard she almost landed on the floor!!  She was like “hello heather, we are artists and whatever you make is art to me.”  Nothing like a free reminder to me sometimes.  I studied ummm, naked people in college for five years, bachelors in medical illustration.  So here we go with the “art trade”.



This art canvas was already covered in red when I made it.  I’ve never tried this technique or ever used a “topless subject” before…she is a female tree and every female I know are naked under their clothes and all have breasts in one shape or another.

Her backstory is as her trunk grow and hair grows taller, she realizing that she is getting old and away from the ground.  Did you know that hair is dead cells and that is why it is preserved so well after people perish?  Back to the story, head thinking faster then typing again.  The strawberries in the field were placed there to remind the juicy strawberries that grow every year are just as juicy and fruity as they were before.  Like a mix of what is old and what is young in our bodies.  Another fun fact I learned in college is that plant cells that wood makes is out of sugar.  A cherry tree and strawberries are made of the same matter.

The End.  Let me know if you like her!!