Existence Is A Priceless Gift


“Existence is a priceless gift and the beauties of nature are the priceless gifts of the existence!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

This is when I died. I was 22 years old and survived a very narrow death in a head on car crash…the seatbelt saved my life. An elderly lady went over two lanes and pushed us to the sidewalk and then right up a telephone pole. Firemen rescued me with the jaws of life. Went to the ER where they showed me an xray of my lungs. One side was white and the other was black. The first rib of my back snapped and punctured my right lung. The performed an emergency chest tube and could drain the fluids so my lung could work again. The second image you see is my release of blood and the reason I came back to life. Doctors, firemen, police, attorney did not see how I lived through it.


At this time, I had an out of body experience and an angel appeared to me as my sight was from the ceiling looking down…this whisper came to me and told me “breathe heather, you need to return to your sister”, I could see my sister from this view as she was sleeping by my hospital bed. I thought it was all the medication I was taken that I have these memories. I came across these pictures in my art room and finally had the strength to share them without people telling me I was crazy. I switched out of my bipolar in the same snap right away three years ago, I felt like I was in college, double majoring in pre-med and fine art. I am drawing things that I would have never thought of and reading like water. My weight gain is the most confusing part of this story. I feel beautiful and lovely here right now. Guess I am embraced in my body and my mind is healthy. Art is my purpose on Earth so I am not going to stop. Like ever.