New Spring Workshops for Creative 360


3-D Robot Art

With the right tools and imagination, take a flat image of fashion magazines and build it into a machine of destruction. Learn how to make armor, make elements increase in the height and personalize it with your own profile pics of your face. These robots have any age in mind and this is the perfect first time leap into the 3-D form. May 19th/$20


Angel Wings

With step-by-step instruction, angel wings start with easy to learn if you can draw triangles and straight lines. Learn the technique of how to add feathers, the stance of an open or closed pose and being realistic to how angels lift and land with their wings attached to the back of a figure. This challenging workshop will change the way you view and accomplish the entire angel drawing experience. June 9/$20

Cinderella: Before to After

This is the time you get to play the fairy god-mother by creating your own make-over of the poor “cinder” girl to the queen of the ball. Learn the basics of how to draw a female figure for before to after, do costume design, and ways to enhance her facial portrait changes by your own hands. This class will provide the glam sparkles, glitter and illustration skills for any age. June 23/$20