My First Day on the Job

Heather Hurts Inside: Illustration of a Broken Human
Graphic Novel due out June 1, 2017

It is the big date!!  2.2.2017 is the start of my graphic novel and 10 days before my birthday.  I am finally forty right this day…hmmm..this is my first ABSTRACT project three or four years ago.  Wiping tears and my mentor Dave Emmel (name is wrong) said this was a new staring image he has ever saw and then when I told him that I did it with my eyes closed, freak fest 2013.  Need to alter present techniques to this.
first-abstractMy heart lungs and mind are poured into a new website blog that shows the process of art, science, technology and a stream of my personality.  I am a sunshine girl with a purpose now for the morning routine and my life.  Watch out and come to play…my sister used to bite people in pre-school and I promise not to do that to you.

Oceans of Love.

Heather Hurts Inside
Due June 1, 2017


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