Abstract Showcase Creative 360

OMG!!!  I made my biggest dream come true!!!  Three years ago I said “I am going to hang my work in this gallery in three years”.  Daydreaming…raising my hand high.  There was 12 pieces of the illustrations lined the stage wall for the 4 week exhibit in November.

Creative 360 Workshop for Express Yourself Artshop of abstracts made with names of students, favorite activity and three colors.  All images are created with the eyes closed method.  I close my eyes, use bistro board surface for illustrations and use a black pen to create what enters my mind for all the ink outline.  I do not lift the pen up so it flows pretty smoothly.  I open my eyes and then fill the entire shape with an equal amount of ink that I think makes the piece personalized.  On occasion, I use penciled pencils or watercolor.