“Dream Heather Dream”


This is my first day of the story board and image planning.  I’m very excited from the beginning page listed below.


The other title was too scary.  I am more positive then that.  Knowing my past would definitely help others that survive from the past memories.  If I only had a dollar for every person that said “I can’t believe that happened and you turned out so normal”.

Three Word Graphic Novel

  1. Sweet Death Wish
  2. Dungeon of Men
  3. Medicine o’ Meditation
  4. Hide My Cookie
  5. Double Purpose Heart
  6. Suicide or Art
  7. Lovely Funeral Rose


Opening Page

“How many **cked with you growing up?  Not a one.  What do you think that was?  You had a way of making everything turn your way and you won’t stop until you get it.  I love you and I have always wanted the best for you.  But no. Behind the scenes, I heard people talk **it about you…I was like f noooooo.  Do you remember always seeing me in Mr. Principal’s office at Liberty Union? ”

“What happened?”

“Are you trying to attack my self-esteem?  I am confused.”


Phone Call.