Antique Festival Sketchy

At the Midland Antique Festival for September 19 sat. and September 20 at the fairgrounds, I am going to rent a table inside and trying to think up ideas about what I can sell.  The love is to sketch for people and children and making personalized gifts.  I am planning on the craft of garden gloves with fancy additions of bows/flowers or a felt princess headband with jewels, glitter, flowers..

My table has silver balloons and a neon pink tablecloth.

I come up with this idea last night for the sketches I can sell.  The idea is to take a space of the artwork with options that you personalize.  The choices are really simple. Just point at what you want and I will sketch it for you.  The two stories below were favorites of mine as a kid…

Princess of the Pea

Monster Under the Bed

The princess will be beautiful with the following accessories…a crown, top of the dress, jewelry, bottom of dress, hair.  Each sketch are going to be drawn on a model doll on the bedroom scene with many mattresses.

The monster under the bed is a person bending over to see what is under there…it is going to be a sketch monster using descriptions such as the shape, mouth, hands/feet and other additions.

With the blind abstract sketches, I am going to use three word prompts…some samples below.

happy chicken popsicle
grapes wine buckets
bear apple kiss

**I would have to just to put on my blindfold to close my eyes and takes me a few minutes to guess what a pic would look like in my head.  My imagination can be quite out there and most need a best-est-est love in my life is to have someone explain what the piece is about…sometimes I don’t know what I’ve drawn either. Prices vary on b/w/colors, size 9×12, 11×14 or 16×20 and shipping costs.

Can’t wait!

I am taking pre-orders at the following e-mails.  I can send you a request form…

starting at $150

starting at $35

starting at $35