Queen Evil and My New Letter of My Creative Self

evilqueenThis is my newest creation that I started at my sister’s home…she was whining because she wanted to keep it herself!!  Sometimes I see that my cherished work gets assigned for someone else.  I’m almost near to that stage that things are not for sale.  My main goal is to offer my services as an artist yet not selling out my “real feelings” to each one that leaves.  I also get sorta weird when a person gets my piece and has ZERO clue as to what the story is and why I created it.  I feel like I truly need to write down how each piece came to be and why I set it free from my art room.

I took a class called Visioning: Dream Makers and wrote some very very deep where did that come from moment.  Here is my present purpose of living an artistic lifestyle.

Light a spark.

Light a fire.

Let my soul ablaze with daydreams and nightmares.

This is the time for pushing above the elements of Earth and drifting in infinite space.

Melt my insecurities and spread my arms far apart so I can surrender myself to destiny.

Before death, I must be remembered as an untouchable flame.