The Struggle with Procrastination & the Middle Path of an Artist

Hello!  Just tickling the web today and landed on a pretty snazzy site called deviantart…like where have you been for like eight years ago when I needed you!!! Argggg!

For the next few minutes, I pretty much paraphrased two way serious topics that gives me a tummy ache at times.  Here we go and jump on a ship with me as we journey through tag-dah-hood…I call it common sense but that is why they named me the Absent Minded Professor in my family.

Keys to Fighting this Disease of Procrastination

  • Being a procrastinator compared to being a hard worker is a measure of how serious you take your skills, technique and lifestyle.
  • Keep yourself focused as a valid reason working on creative pursuits.
  • Be sure to notice if you are overworked too hard and getting burned out.
  • Some people procrastinate with a negative outlook, blaming attitude and a recognized adult freeloadesr.
  • We all get busy sometimes and we only leave 16 hours a day to live.  In this age, it is common to work 6-8 hour a day and free time is 4 hours x 5 hours a week comes to 20 hours a week!
  • In particular circumstances, time is more lenient on then your excuses.
  • Acting like a moron by filling days dick’n around with games, RC, YouTube, Facebook, ect.
  • Seriously get a schedule system going and keep to it!
  • Live long and Prosper

AN ARTIST’S Middle’s Path

Seems the starving artist equals lazy and do extremely minimal things, practice your crafts as time permits.

4 Rooms in the artists heart

1.  Drawing skills

2.  Coloring/color theory

3.  Art composition skills

4.  Imagination

DO NOT COMPARE yourself with other people as better/equal/worst

THROW away your ego, practice in calm/peaceful mind and don’t forget to help others

The End

Pass this on if is might help someone… air kiss on both cheeks.