Hurrah for a New Artistic Adventure

The time has come for me to express myself and be judged by a jury of artists.  The project centers on a current installation of these huge woven trees that reach from the floor to the ceiling.  I instantly got inspired by the human anatomy aspect of the nerves, circulatory and hormone frames that are sent by the brain and heart.  So far I have done about six pages of sketches and asked Matt for his opinion on what work that caught his eye.  Seems we were both drawn to the same conclusion.  I’ve been sneaking into the basement paint a huge collage of painted magazines with white house paint…that takes like forever to dry and I am not worried about anyone touching it or the such.  Last night I made magazine flowers and roots for the bottom of the frame I took off the wall of the big basement room filled with junk.  Nothing gets me more excited that using recycled materials and making something new.  My brain is on fire with new ideas and I constantly journal in my purse notepad.  No need to write things everywhere, I know that my ideas are secure in that place.  The time I have free not watching cable has also been a calming journey.  I think back on the last five years of my life and perhaps I wasted a ton of my unproductive time on commercials, TV propaganda and being under stimulated.  Now that my daydreaming has be in full force and my book reading has been tripled…watch out for my new work on this blog.  I promise to use this source to reach my goals and kick other people in the face.  Just kidding on the last idea.  Really.