Public Arts Midland Official Selection Piano Project Art Plays 2020

Thank you very much for your recent artist proposal for the Public Arts Midland upcoming Summer Piano Project – Art Plays 2020!  As a committee, we were so encouraged to see the positive response from our community.  We enjoyed the originality and creativity of each artist proposal. 

We appreciate the time and effort you took to complete a submission, and we are pleased to inform you that your piano proposal was one of the selected proposals for our Summer Piano Project! As we are still in the midst of the stay at home order, we can not solidify our next steps quite yet. Please know that we will reach out to you as soon as we have more information on when we can begin the painting process. 

In the meantime, please be aware that the actual pianos we have may look a bit different from the application drawing, and you may need to modify your designs somewhat. As soon as we are able, we hope to get photos of the pianos to you so that you can get a better idea of what you are working with.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Be well and take care! 

The Public Arts Midland Committee

First Page American Princess

4 a.m.
Here take this manic addiction of mine, pump chemicals to see how long I shall remain alive.
 Take over the entire my universe in a female body and brain.
Just save me when I am mental or insane.

Read me. Draw me. Not the dangerous kind for prison I fear. 
I might write a book to be a maturity I have observed my life.
Lock me into a war of fear.

Feeding the sharp digestion is full of wealth and destruction of all time.
Living us the monster is the most challenging feeling I mind.

San Francisco vs. Midland is forever the champion of the heart and the battle of safety.
Two bags of clothes, a heavenly little sister for I must be here with no future in sight. 
The stars are forever lost buried in the digital numbers of time.

A manic state of circumstances, the artwork was just enough to be the purpose. 
The thought of drowning with the eyes closed in a trance of a tragic state,
Drug of choices is the addiction over spans of long years hoping to die.

The confusion held together an audience that tried to make sense of the lines. 
Why the loud colors and a storybook for anybody could figure out?
The uniqueness of a world of medicine and the art combined.

Leaving clues at all the museums, galleries, business world was all the creative one can do. 
Holding a chest to a fresh gulp of air of the public eyes was the mark of freedom..
The expressions of the blind drawings of the sighted ways yet enough to see.

Let the good will of servicing and helping others in the community see the light bulb moment.
Over a year in time in front of others was not a form of payment of cash but a lovely luxury.
Let anyone tap the shoulder of disabled fleshed human and see if the brain can function.

Alive the community swelled in teacher of the blood of art in soul of the body and sense of respect.
A little yellow pill rescuing the goddess from the sky above made of curious myths and light.
Awards and achievements at the upmost compliment for seeing what I knew all along.

Now the mute chatterbox with words and visions of the future shall others see and digest alive.
Her sweetness met with angry bees and flowers done dried away to dust and hurting the eyes.
The feral child of a father and mother died with wide wings to the red phoenix shall rise.

Future young creatures filled with tears and regretting the learning they ignored for so long mean.
Crown the princess of not man of lies of hate and hide aside, let her hold humanity of the world.
The virus won’t stop til the scientist fights god on the humans and robots win the rest of life.

Harsh words from her life of good deeds, like Dorothy helps saves Oz the animals with feelings.
The salty land of the the mermaids that swim as they try, the stars are all rich empty and die.
The end of Earth may lay down and not swim, there he goes again take faith to fly again.

 Never swam in the lakes at the age of 44, now shooting up forests and fish the lakes of blue

Take Canada with Dr. Peterson I need for all time, he is the wise man no doubt in mind.
Now I leave here my art and new stories for all time, remember me remember all time.


with the salt of the earth living now on great lakes,

Leaving behind publications of over 25 professional career was in Award-Winning international
Graphic Layout & Design, InternationalRadio Broadcasting as a Continuity Director.

 Harsh college educational background in a undergraduate  Bachelor’s degree in Medical Illustration
with the majors of Pre-Medicine and Fine Art from California State University in San Bernardino.

Going to leave a part of me alive in unmasking my past on digital data  and paper.
There hides secrets of broken humans and the recovering of an art journey. 
 Everyone needs to know the truth to see the future of tomorrow.

The Story Begins In The Heart of San Francisco

This is a blog about the I Human Illustration Incorporation Building begin. To be constructed in Midland, MI.

Writing non-fiction bio graphic novel at seven pages a day.

The Four Kings.
Reading the 12 Rules Jordon. Genius. Yes. Genius. Funny too!
Reading Gray’s Anatamy for fun…yes dork shall I be for now.

With two bags of clothes, heavy with a six foot tall woman’s size of 156 lbs. garments, Heather Dawn Deogracia moves from the heart of the Universe. The dreams and the life of the mid 20’s in a San Francisco woman who lived in the East Bay San Francisco Bay. She met four kings. She made money off of her manic sharp mind. The downfall was in the phase of the moon and the chemical crevices that started to trickle the gold and diamonds of her life into the life of a splendid human. The more people tackled her to the ground, the more she realized that her grace of humanity was a gift that no one had witnessed before. 44. This droplet of her blood was as if the world depended on it for the eyes of an angel.

At 44. Six feet tall. 328 lbs. What happened to one of the most beautiful California girl to move to Midland? 16 years of “Something” in captivity. Why could she do so much and be such a messy cluttered woman? Take these pills. Stay under the strap, the downers, the uppers. The six year career worth over 6 million dollars. Was this a queen of the four kings? Let’s fight boys.


There are times when my dreams come true. My dreams do come true and there are times to find the potential inside when it comes to freelance work. Who would want death? I am planning on using my talents preventing death and also the first amendment to write and blog what I want he fact that I do not have parents has left me up to adoption. The next steps include cabin fever, DNA tests, coping with opinions and the lift of my chin that I am good enough and the plan to pursue myself as a Dr. Heather Dawn Deogracia. I am going to take the next year out of a loud beginning and retreat to my cabin. All I need is my pill pack and a silent hush on my lips.

May 1 2020

This is Heather Dawn Deogracia and I wanted to contact you about joining Frozen Media Productions International for television, radio, publishing and social media.  Today is my first day as the CEO of MissAmericanPrincess MAP Inc.  Currently, I am creating the model I would like to term as the “Human Experience” based on the senses of the body and creating a world with all ages in mind.  With the virus hurting all of America, the entertainment industry needs to carry on to entertain the nation and the world and I personally wanted to contact you first.  My business model and “media mogul” template is actually a latin princess female like myself that at the young age of 44 plans to change the world.  Feel free to call me when you do get this information.  Resume and improved neighboring experience is taking place where I live in Midland, Michigan currently.  I will sleep with the phone by my head.  Thank you for your time and speak to you in a timely fashion.  Sincerely, Heather Dawn Deogracia

Miss American President, Abolishing the Disability Insurance Act 2020

The Pathetic Soldier PHD Project for Stanford

The jugular of WWIII was sliding from my neurosis. My psychosis. A heart doctor is what I need. I close my eyes and wish I could repair the heart that I at 44 still needed. The extraordinary difficulty and pain in the name of love and the beloved country. The birth of a virus that swelled my lungs. The expanded mind of a foreign princess. What is this land I sing into my eyes. My aqua blue eyes. The ocean and the smell of the salt in California romantically twirls me into swirls of dance. The surf of the crash of the waves and the crash of me. It is the day dream and the just inner crush of the metal frame of the military air carrier. The princess enters the doors of the war room.

Never taught to salute to the flag. Never taught how to march like a soldier or even been asked to dance with one. The American Princess did not get the drafts notice about the emergency of doctors needed to give mouth to mouth on board of crazy love-crazed humans. Is it really true that the confusion lies across a move of the country.

Portraits of the love of the past haunted until she could no longer cough and slice her throat with drugs. She is the proud artist. The blind kind. Am I six feet? Am I fat? Am I rich? Am I the most confused sort in Midland, MI. I insisted on writing a book for myself and get the most important factors out of the way.

  1. Did sexual abuse destroy the childhood of innocence and what would science and psychiatry have to say about proof of adult behavior?
  2. Could I forget my entire life and try every psychiatric medication to erase a long intense suicidal poison injected by a scorpion?
  3. For a girl that has always been a “super star” at the age of three, get on a stage and make the world smile?
  4. How would I know the word or the stroke of the keys of love have enough ambition to run an “International” market of entertainment incorporation with the multi-personality worse than that written in Hollywood history?
  5. Friendship and using the words “love love love love” until years dissolve into body language of routine and a new rage that would destroy the sanctity of marriage. Could a part turn my head into a woman with, according to LinkedIn, a more then 62 job description leaning on her intelligence and life experiences. Would need to pull together so many investors, it would be a world wide event in the United States of America? Could I be in “danger”? Not in Midland.

For the next year, I am going to write seven pages a day to tell my story. I work 11 am to 11 pm with free time to seek out next friends, business partners, mentors, investor advice and there are a list of 30 office floors of my MAP Miss American Princess Inc. Building. Let the research begin. I ordered 11 books about mythology, media moguls and how to create stories with in hours. My eye is always on 5 projects. Currently: Star Wars: Sketch of the Universe, Mission Impossible: Miss American Princess, Something about the Way he Loves Me: The true-story love story with Matthew Dexter, Princess of Ireland Heather Dawn Deogracia and the Prince of Spain Charles Edward Deogracia. The End

Grey Day Lessons

Starting to read Grey’s anatomy from 1812 as a read. I read a page tonight and might have some insight into the spermatogenesis and oogenesis diagram about how males may carry depression and how women with bipolar carry their genetic code on the left side of the division of meiosis during the tetrads. As seeing women ovulate from opposite ovaries of the month and shred the cell after not being used, perhaps there is a correlation if a bipolar female might have eggs that shift poles from month to month. Example…what if during metaphase, of the dyads, interuption might solve depressional triggers in chromosomal rDNA split for future generations. In my opinion, I feel as a strong hormonal wave of chemicals in relationships to my birth control pills. This could include weight gain, low self-confidence (even though I am the manic friend to do female) and attraction to a mate that can coddle me. As far as the opposite sex which is a guessing game/stinging fun to be honest, men carry their secondary spermatoctes more centrally and might be the carriers of depression or increase the suicide rate if a strong hereditary background is a factor. With my biological background and chemical influences, these insights are just notes on page 15 and have no proof or research to move forward. Enjoying the book and promise to write when I find interesting information in the illustrations. Tah tah for now to my biochemical curious features.

The Bonfire

Flickering and low lull of a birds of spring. Learning to build nests and playing puppy time too. Eyes low and spray of weariness, the flame tickled my face and it brought back the days of high school times of tight friendships and the laughter that brought tears and perhaps a few taps of beer. Sitting low on the chairs, the heat and chill of Michigan were slapping at the bugs and at the same time enjoying the dawn of the night. Monsters play around the fire and those that escape first always win the game first. I am the monster. The tall one with the glad eyes and the down to the earth touch. I pray to God that others like me and it is a faith I have to earn upon instinct. Does God give humans instincts and survival of the fittest. Who is going to last the longest on the land when breathing has webbed our social landscape of security and just looking into eyes has been turned down to the ground. I don’t like you for living Heather. The security blanket that has always I have dragged since I was three on the dirt. Adorable shall she be with he big blue eyes, white blonde spiral blonde hair at the age of three. She can not speak. She can not smile. She can not only but glare at the ugliness of the truth. The truth is her heart is the celestial glow that twinkles when she laughs. Not in the form of language but in the way of the stomach and feeling full. Left for hours alone with feces and urine, the only way to switch the mind to the digestive tract was to make her obese as an adult. Feel sad. Eat. Feel alone. Eat. Get touched. Eat. This is angel of God of the faith of beautiful genetics. 30 years and prior and the style and grace of a new city girl in the San Francisco streets taking in the group of languages foreign and fashions that the real working class buy at the stores that only currency could satisfy. I’ve looked for years into the bonfire hoping that anyone would invite me to party. This bipolar chemical tidal wave that flipped the cold water on the campsites of Michigan. No camping yet. No cabins yet. I’ll build bonfires so high that joys of the world dance and since to the moon of blue smiles. Cook thy food and share they table with the newest humans shall meet. Offer the marshmellows and light the firecrackers with the very long match. Spark and laugh at how small frights make the girlfriends laugh and snicker. Picky how the women can be. Around the fire it can be focused on the fonder of the sex or perhaps on the kiss of the night. I used to kiss and it was fun. Close every sense you can muster and then touch the cheek with the tip of the finger on the lips. Brushing left to right, did the “instinct” arise and the star just line up in black or the tips of pink of flesh. There is that, could be considered lingering, before you pressure that decision in your mind of the safety. Judgement cues. Ghost cues. The stories around the campfire as a child when you need the quiver in the voice of the storyteller to trust if you were listening to the silence of truth. Ears and the mouth. How true that they whisper maturity and immaturity plucking like the sparks in the fire pop. What about the chances when the smoke follows your to the face no matter where the chair you move. Tipping back the winecoolers as I did in college, it just led me wanting to sleep in the air mattress of the tent and wait for my lover. The bonfire is entrancing and I must dust it with water and slumber tonight. Good night to you moon, clouds and the fantastical memories of yesterdays heart. Good night to you.

Frozen Media Productions

Power and influence through mass media through television, radio, newspaper and internet. The idea hit my human frame and the Telsla pulses will forever unite the world in the form of world-wide transmission for the United States of America. After a mad mania virus solution, the world is now able to close the mouths and open the ears. A lesson I have been praying for since the age of three as a “superstar” of media mogul daydreamer.

Never Tell Others Secret Books

Just learning that graphic novels take on a TON of research so I have printed out all of my work starting in 2013 and forward. I didn’t know I didn’t have image from my Ritilin rescue. Gotta get back to work on art projects. Please PM me because I feel artistically alone on facebook!!! Love and Tah Tah

Stuck Doing Art…mmm OKie Dockiee

So I am on the internet and found the most BEAUTIFUL book I have ever witnessed and it has altered my life with in an hour. WOWser. I found this website name Biodiversity Heritage Library and tackled the first book that I picked out of a 100 names based on the search box with Human Anatomy. The lame name is “Human Anatomy” from 1918 and come to find out the book is online on e-bay in hard cover for 14.99. Then I found who the Dr. is that wrote it and illustrated it. Yeppers. By: Gray, Henry, – Lewis, Warren H.

I am going to first create my ink illustrations with realistic images and then I will draw with my eyes closed. I’m going through the book and now I found my purpose for my life. Life is easy now. Very easy. I do find out about the crazy world at the moment and have to stay inside. Ummm…that is what I have been doing for the past 15 years. The daily routine will work for me.

Making a big list of goals now for this year is fine with me. Planning on and focus on a few secrets in the background. No art tonight unfortunately. Gone to cry myself to sleep. Sob sob sob. Maybe tomorrow then.

New Shock of Newspaper Article

Wow and wow again!  I’ve sent in an article for the first time and got published on the front of Midland Daily Newspaper in central Michigan.  After research and collecting quotes, my “reporter”, graphic editor and copy editing came into play as to send a request on Facebook.  Sent it in to the news editor by g-mail with pictures in a word document and then didn’t hear back.

On a Facebook message I was tagged into a congrats to my name and Midland Daily Newspaper.  I didn’t know the location at the time until I went to the library to check out the article in their archive.  Bam!  The article made the “news”.

Getting a few extra newspaper copies, the three employees at the front desk were very excited that I did a story on the mural and snagged 5 copies for myself and others that were in the article.  Can’t wait to see where my writing leads off to next.


editfront pageeditclose up

Blind Freak Out

Woke up yesterday and whipped theses images out…I call them labor because they are my newest babies that I love no matter what they look like.  If you want to have one of my “babies”, feel free to check out my contact tab of the home page.

Manhood“Manhood” by Heather Deogracia
8.5″ x 11″
Pen & Ink
$100 per print



“Double Nipple” by Heather Deogracia
8.5″ x 11″
Pen & Ink
$100 per print

Breast Choice“Breast Choice” by Heather Deogracia
8.5″ x 11″
Pen & Ink
$100 per printTiredofScreaming“Tired of Screaming” by Heather Deogracia
8.5″ x 11″
Pen & Ink
$100 per print


“Skinny Unite” by Heather Deogracia
8.5″ x 11″
Pen & Ink
$100 per print

For Obesity

“For Obesity” by Heather Deogracia
8.5″ x 11″
Pen & Ink
$100 per print



“Ab Back” by Heather Deogracia
8.5″ x 11″
Pen & Ink
$100 per print


“Seeing Frank” by Heather Deogracia
8.5″ x 11″
Pen & Ink
$100 per print