IHuman solo exhibit is in Full Swing in Downtown Saginaw at Counter Culture

JpgPress Release 1.14.2018 Heather Deogracia




Press Release Art Statement for IHuman

Never viewed by an audience, this first solo exhibit by Heather Deogracia uses a blind contour abstract technique or best described as figurative illustration carried out single ink line from beginning to end with her eyes closed. With over 50 images created during her free time (usually starting at 4 a.m.), her drawing addiction intent is to create entire stories from one image of line and color theory.

On the face of the front page of a Sunday Feature article of the Midland Daily News in October of last year, Heather Deogracia describes how art saved her from suicidal ideation and manic psychosis from her brain disease of bipolar. Deogracia earned a double major Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Illustration in Pre-Medicine and Fine Art from California State University in San Bernardino. Her professional career includes Award-Winning Graphic Layout and Design, International Art Director and a Continuity Director in Radio Broadcasting. Around the end of her twenties, she had the first manic episode of psychosis and was sent to a Psyche Ward and prescribed medicine by Psychiatrists. After over 10 visits to psyche wards and more medicine to keep track of, she had a very rough time to find a balance emotionally. Fortunately four years ago, the breakthrough of her lifetime occurred when she could concentrate on art material and found an addiction in producing Award-Winning Studio Fine Art. With over 30 displays of various realistic and abstract images in fundraisers, restaurant venues and art exhibits, she has the experience and material to present for a new audience. Her brand new abstract illustrations in IHuman is a chance for a viewer to witness that mental illness must not stop an individual from creative behavior even in times of depression and mania.