Star Wars is Deep


Star Wars the master love fest of characters, meanings, also I would call it spiritual in every scene.  It brings me back to drawing art and reading massive books.  Star Wars is beyond any label of the library!

Anyways, I wrote this last night before seeing the movie.  All ties in and that is life, like for reals life.

First paragraph for the newest graphic novel…a feral girl that grew to be the first American Princess as a role model for the future of the United States of America:

In the four locked box room, a three year old is crunching and eating the stuffing of her mattress for lack of real food of a small tin bowl of cherreos with spoiled milk and the night meal of a paper plate with a slice of an American cheese slice with a small ugly dill pickle. The sounds of the four locks being clicks made her shadow into a fetal position with her face far awar from the door opening when she got her meal. No words spoken, her capture would punish her with and a big kick in the stomache or an easy slap to the pink cheeks of her face if she didn’t eat the meal. She ate the damn plate too because she thought it was bread.

Do you like it?  I am on page 82 and ready for the frame of a 7 chapter graphic novel that I have written in the past few days…mania about star wars, maybe??