New Art Work for Art Clash 2017

sketch for art clash1

This Saturday at 3 pm is the fundraiser for the Do-All Inc. organization that helps disabled individuals to find work and sustain a positive experience working with others.

What makes this even special is that the artists are allowed only 3 hours to create an art piece in most mediums and participate in buyers that attend the event.  The event usually draws around 100 artists and there are cash prizes for up to ten.  This is the third year for me, sold my pieces the past two years for $80 and $125.

I wanted to challenge myself more so I picked a complicated illustration to challenge my illustration skills.  This is the original art work.  Deep I know!!  Gonna strain my brain.  Above is a 20 minute sketch…good to start with outlines and go soft on the color.  Let the magic begin.