Legacy Trust Award Collection


This art project is for a state-wide competition of the Legacy Trust Award Collection held at the Museum in Grand Rapids in May.  This year I am submitting my colorful work “Logic of Tigress” completed in two days last weekend-I work fast.  The piece is on a painted canvas with graphite and colored pencils as the forefront medium.

The meaning behind the piece is about a woman that uses her animal instincts to hunt down the truth of life.  She seems like two beautiful creatures and the vibrant colors were actually a surprise for me…this canvas was given to me by the gallery I volunteer at.  They said I could paint over the orange and this is the result of my imagination of my illustration using the bright colors.  Many positive comments were made on Facebook so I hope others can admire it and try to receive the message as well.  Some women have to have claws right?!

My artwork was selected in both 2014 and 2016 and was printed in the Midland Daily News at:

I was selected in 2014 and 2016 for the collection and the piece was printed in the newspaper.  The work in the article for 2016 was sold from the museum for $500 from a buyer in Grand Rapids.


The top three prizes of this collection are for a cash prize of $500 and sponsorship in ArtPrize fall open art exhibition.