Pass Beyond Weakness

Now that I am on my way to share, I am on my way to be humbled.  While I am on a purpose based life, I am aware that my talents include my art, losing weight and gaining artistic business practices.  There are times I speak unfiltered or what I have really in my head, the line is still drawn to those that love me or the those that hate me.  The word hate or swear to god is not for an offending front on my agenda.  Who am I to make proud is my business and my spiritual expression.  No excuses or my waste of time.  When I said I am changed in a past post of mine, there are a lot of reasons that are secrets I stay in my mind alone.  Bipolar really gave me so many an artistic matrix and it is time for me to figure out.  Fun is my game and I have the freedom to take it as a slap on my face.  Wake up and get on your “grind” game girl.