Isn’t Art Cute


Art doesn’t have to be so serious, I am like really, really.  I have so much fun and it doesn’t feel like work at all.  Just imagine drawing pictures at the age of five and drawing or coloring books and books of Disney favorites.  Most of my images come straight to my hands and I don’t plan composition and shading–now I am educating myself in plenty of books of how I can get better with plenty of practice everyday.

Often I hear the question “How did you find your motivation” to “What emotion are you trying to convey?”  Some of my answers make people laugh and I am pretty much trying to entertain the viewer to share what they think.

Before and after is below.  I am starting to make pictures for the process of illustrations I make.  My favorite teacher Allise Noble from Creative 360 taught me how to take the build up of the first thoughts from brainstorming to a finished piece.



SISTERS  fishy

Now this piece is hilarious!!  I posted it on Facebook and most people were like..ummm…heather, the fish shouldn’t be there.  so I worked to change it…I would never had done it with out my friends.

I really did some second bedroom cleaning this last july 4th weekend.  Here I thought I haven’t done any new art projects for the past six months.

The one item I never explore in my posts is the fact that other people want to buy some of the images I design.  Now I am prepared to offer prints of most of my art pieces.  The images start at $10 to $800 depending on what you are looking for.  Feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.

Enjoy the journey of this starving artist and if you ever need me, I would love to hear a comment from you.  I only bite if threatened.