Sassy Art Crash 2016

So you take two silly sassy art females (Allise Noble and Heather-Dawn Deogracia) and send them off to an art competition with a three hour deadline. Not only do they sit together, each work so hard that they don’t even speak above the sound of rad music of the cell phone. One is drawing a flock of birds on a rainbow tree and the other girl changes her mind four times (originally was the birth of Venus but the frame style made it difficult). In the last hour, the confused one has a vision in her head finally!! She shut her eyes and imagined the following concept:

Attic boxes on top, body/organs/pleasure in the middle and the bottom stood a few male legs.

The actual drawing took around 7 minutes to complete. Next took the tracing of the original lines.

Damn, she forgot her color pencils!!! Grrrr. The judges already went around. Sob sob.

The confused one cried on the way home and drove through Wendy’s for some fries and a medium Frosty.