Dream List 2016 “e” for effort project

I woke up very very early the other day with a powerful project in my head.


It is called the “e” for effort non-profit foundation located in Midland, Michigan.

The effort rewards the single person that wishes to be in participation of the community and puts in a “e” for effort.  The individual intensely seeks to display effort to lock in science and art together which I will label as BRAIN for:

B for brilliance in attention to details

R for rational goals and life coaching

A for assistance with a mentor

I for ingenious new concepts and inventention in science

N for negotiation to meet both science and artist subject matters

I have broken down how each age could benefit for the “e” for effort program.

Tomorrow I promise to go further in my dreamy absent minded professor state of how Midland could combine science and art in the community.






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