Illustrations and Drawings Prior to 4.2015

eyeonyou notlikeme Sussanamicallef Sleepygirl HealingAngel Balzar AlmoneProfile Wedding woodlands FlyHeart HoneyBeeFinal LipKey2 RhinoFinal AbandonPile AngrySun AppleTuck HarmonyNation ForbiddenLimit FeatherSpill EyeSketch DrowningBi Compromise BeautifulPrincess LiftingSkeletons LionAbstract LoveMuscles OceanGal OGAnger PayFace Pulse QueenBelow RoaringAggression Rosey Screamer Slow Swim TipToe woodlands

A Few Months of Artistic Images for Graphic Novel
A Few Months of Artistic Images for Graphic Novel

SketerE SketerF SoftAlmone VeryFirstAlmone 4fallgirl FallingA FacestudyB Facestudy Drownbubbles CrownA BartzalBar Barsketch Feet FirstDraftCover FirstDraftCoverLarge HandOut Hands Helmetslice PregnantA Overpowered2 Overpowered OceanA Marketplace PregnantB PrettyArmor PsycheWardAlmone PsychWardBaltzar Pushback Rockwithwater SketerA getitsolid fishy FallingForms experimentaldance

Almone Sketching Practice
Almone Sketching Practice

SketerB girly headsI Isee kissy Lion movingd punkchick tulip spoon sphere SolidHead skullstudy seahorse readytogo Angled curvedlines Drown experimentaldance FallingForms fishy getitsolid punkchick movingd Lion kissy headsI seahorse skullstudy SolidHead sphere tulip spoon Angled curvedlines AmericanPrincess AngrySun Applehand BiClock BlondeMermaid Cantgetup ColorfullBubbleWomen1 LionsRoar HeartStop FishSwim DancingModels CryingMountain HappyCharlie ColorfullBubbleWomen2 MuscleCouple MuscleGirls OceanBirth Rosey StarWarsNewGeneration TipToeBone TripleSkeletonHold creative360bothdonations Yelling WoundedCrow Woodlands VineBound2 VineBound TurningDeath creative360pianogirl golddancer1 golddancerframed Pianogirlcloseup Pianogirlinframe BubbleLove Eyesight VanillaPopsicle coffeegirls dog cherries cherrypile cherryblossom coffeegirls dog daisygirl Rose1 Rose2 Rose3 Rose4 snakehead serpent brain1 brain2 brain3 brain4 brain5 brain6 lacedriphot Necklace openhead BloomingBeautySketches knightfemale KnightGirlSleeve KnightShimmer bottomhummer closerhflower FullHummers FlowerGirl.jpg SideGlance.jpg Weddingga4.jpg Weddinggal.jpg Weddinggal3.jpg


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