New Illustrations from the Hungry Artist

On the road again of creating new works for fundraising, two art exhibits and my big sculpture build for the entire summer in the works.  This last Saturday was the big Art Clash event in Bay City…fortunately for me, I was able to be interviewed and get last years art piece inside the Bay City News!!…/do_art_brings_50_artists_and_a.html

My entry was named “M Tear”




artmathHere is some “Art Math” that I have been working on…doing perspectives, blah blah blah…I do love it though!


This is me being silly…never drew a cat before so I added a few eyelashes and hair extensions.




bicat1.jpg bicatheat.jpg


This piece is named “Chemical Romance”…it is twice this size but this is my favorite part.  *need a bigger scanner!




I am doing the 30 day challenge where the website gives you examples to draw and practice everyday.  This assignment was to draw my favorite character from my childhood.