New New Ummmm Things

AnicaP11.10face Been like forever since I have been on here.  I have some projects in the works and a few pics to share.  The first illustration is a new concept of a Fairytale Journal.  I plan to sketch a daily exploration of what I would consider my “kidlike” memories of Disney Characters and my own new ideas.  Today I am going to start Cinderella so wish me luck!  My Surface internet connections really help because I usually need to see the right proportions and the such.  The second pic is my first attempt to draw from a profile image in Facebook.  This is my bf Anica…she is very pretty so it wasn’t hard a bit.  The last is my typical routine for looking like a princess *wink takes hard work   I now have two new volunteer jobs and do choir, bible study, women’s bible study and two art classes.  Let’s just say I am getting back to normal again.  I LOVE cramming my schedule with things to do.  Well chow for now and remember “IIWI”– “It is what it is”.