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There are alignments and there is a bigger whelming (the calm version of overwhelming) flood. It is like I tripped on my own feet and landed face first into a new body.  At first my face hurts and then I laugh & get up hoping that no one saw me fall.  The blessings are the following:  2 new part-time jobs at Do-Art Incorporated and Creative 360, my first art piece sold in a “real” museum (“Good Knight”) at Studio 23 in Bay City, a brand identity graphic design project for Main Street Media Group and getting baptized a few Sundays ago.  Dang!!

So here I am smelling roses. Like deep breathes of pink and peach colored roses.  The scent will always remind me how far I have come in my most beautiful recovery.  I have this strange new habit of taking off rose flowers and sticking them behind my ear.  Like mother nature told me to mesh fashion statement and rose obsession at the same time.

This is my chance to give a shout out to my new friends that I met last night at the opening reception for Folk Art at Creative 360!! I was working the bar (an oxymoron) and met some fab fab cool new contacts/pals.  This drink is for Sam, the kind smooth talker.  This other drink goes to an AMAZING new friend…ummm…she is beautiful, taught me how to socialize, gave very comforting eye contact and loves loves loves medicine and fine art like me!  I gave her my business card and I hope to hear from her very soon.

While volunteering, I wear a name tag when I attend events for Creative 360 with my full name and the title of Artist. It is quite entertaining when people try to sound out my last name and guess what it means.  By the third try, I get to explain what it means and they are like “Ooooo, that is so beautiful”.  I guess it a pseudo chance to interact with other new artistic souls.  Check this out!  My last name Deogracia is actually a real first name for the female gender. The Latin origin means “born by the grace of God”.  I do hold to my heart and would place my right hand on the bible-declaring that I am here on earth for a reason.  My purpose is to be a total package human.  I can write.  I can talk.  I can complete artistic creations.  I can go to the bathroom all by myself.

This blog has been running for a full year and I am going to renew it for next year. Wow!  A year just slams by.  Take good care of yourself and brush your teeth before you go to bed.  Keep in touch and ultra please make comments!  Air hug.

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