Fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity & Great Lakes Pharmacy

In Midland, MI, there is a weekend festival called “Riverdays” during the weekend of July 18-19th.  I frequent the Restore shop where they sell items that people no longer need for Habitat for Humanity…I am a frame freak and can find them there for very good prices.  While at the register, there was an application/paperwork for donating art work for Riverdays.  I got home and ran to my art room and started a new idea for me—humming birds.  I love figure drawing but I need to seek all areas to explore variety and new mediums/models.  Within the same day, I also did another milder work for the Pharmacy that I go to often—they read about my newspaper article and commented about how talented I am *always nice to hear.  Well here are some flowers and birds to stare at.  Tah tah from this hardworking art girl.










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